April 23, 2017

Anti-Marijuana Activist Alex Jones ADMITS he USED Weed and says it's BAD

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mrduckbear 2 minutes ago#1
Do you agree with Alex that Marijuana is bad and should stay illegal? - Results (4 votes)
Yes, i'm no fan of his but weed should NOT be legalized
Yes and i'm a huge fan of Alex. I agree, Weed SUCKS
No, i love the guy but i have to disagree with him that marijuana is bad
No and he's a complete moron who only cultists follow
Vote accepted
Far-Right Radio Host Loser, Alex Jones testified at his child's custody hearing that he SMOKED MARIJUANA which is against the law in Texas, but said he did it to "test out its strength" and now he proclaims it was too strong and it should STAY ILLEGAL!! He says weed is an excuse for liberals to be lazy while the real working conservative americans do the jobs.

The Infowars Host admitted during cross-examination that he broke the law by smoking weed in the last 2 and a half years but compared himself to a LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER testing out the strength of the drug in saying "That's what police do. They soke it once a year too"

He said it was too strong to be legalized and said George Soros was funding a plot to have it legalized as part of his ongoig conspiracy of a global elite ruled by Soros. He also smoked it AGAIN during Joe Rogan's podcast but says it's inherently bad and should be OFF the streets!!

Alex is in a bitter fight against his ex-wife Kelly Jones over their 3 children 9-14. 

Kelly said his demeanor, which is brusque and combative is the same with his children but he says it's just his "on air persona" and that none of his rage is like that with his children.

He also couldn't remember if he CHEATED on his new wife, Erika who is 8 months pregnant..even though he acknowledged having sex with other women until March 2016.

His first day of trial was full of bizarre twists as he couldn't recall what grade his children were in and a lawyer joked if he remember if he had Chilli that day which he said "is that a serious question"

Kelly also says Alex is a narcissist and paranoid man and played a clip of him disrobing down to his shorts while on camera as proof. Alex said he wnted to show the effects of "vitality-increasing" formula sold on the infowars website that references the FBI snooping on private communications

Alex is also known for his bizarre conspiracy theories such as the Sandy Hook shootings being "fake", 9/11 being set up, globalists trying to shut down people like him such as China and apologizing for his Pizzagate conspiracy stating Hillary Clinton was involved with child-trafficking.

Clips of him drunk were also played where he boasted he can drink a whole bottle of Jack Daniels and not even show it and attending a birthday party with his 14 y/o son, Rex where he used darts on Hillary Clinton's face.

Do you agree with Alex that Marijuana should stay Illegal? let's see what people think

Alex - Pig







Kelly - Ex-Wife

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Hey 1 minute ago#2
stay off da weedo
You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why
Microwaved_Eggs 20 seconds ago#3
the weed is turning the fricking frogs baked!
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April 22, 2017

boston massachusetts 0-KJF3

xOmniCloudx 16 hours ago#22
IntrepidTyke posted...
Damn. What city do you live in?

Boston. It's a college city (one of the best in the world actually) with law, medicine, engineering, and business being our biggest fields (unless you include teaching given there's like 3 schools every block lol) and there's a s*** ton of start ups here. 

The average age of people here is early 30s, it has nearly 700 million people in it and the male to female statistic here is nearly 3:1 in favor of women. We're also top 3 thinnest places in the US and in line with the averages found in most of Europe (which for most countries is WAY lower than in the US). Fashion and style are also big deal in this city as it's nearly impossible to go in the city and not find countless women in the hottest trends regardless of the time of the year. Fat people stand out here and are the minority. Anybody excessively huge is just not that common a sighting even in the lower income neighborhoods. I'd say the average Boston is more average sized than thin though.

Riding the T (our transit system which is a BIG deal for how most of the city travels around even for drivers due to how impractical driving is in most of the city) and going to one of the 30 shopping meccas (there's so many of them here that having a downtown is pointless) or going to the business sector has you find all of the stuck up chicks that make good money, know they look good and are wearing designer everything, namely the heels and handbags. Being a guy in Boston is INCREDIBLE due to the high ass quality of options you have but on the reverse, women are screwed since they have far less options here lol.

I thought this was the norm since it was all I knew until I started interacting with more of the country, traveling and realized that Boston and much of the Northeast are statistical outliers of the US in that regard. Really, only places like LA, Miami, Vegas and New York City would outright beat us (seriously, it's model central in those other places) with us beating everyone else in the country. That's why I sound ungrateful or to have ridiculously high standards but really, it's just that the quality where I am is amazing so I've been spoiled from the beginning lol. Also, Boston is VERY diverse so you can date anything you want and I've seen nearly every IR pair there is here. Most everywhere else in the US is something like rural or just super suburban, have far less people (usually no more than 50K with only a couple of thousand not being rare either) are typically more aged and no where near as diverse (if at all at times).

I mean, it's amazing that I can do something like go on the bus or train and within 15 minutes be surrounded by hundreds of women from 18-36 that are on average 6.5s with anything higher coming inevitably within another few minutes. In fact, I have taken the T as opposed to walking, bike riding or driving just for the chance of interacting with more women and I've met some cool chicks and guys as a result.

However, given how competitive the city is even the average or slightly lower than average chicks have b**** shields and high standards themselves given they're often well educated and have a great or promising career so, unsurprisingly they want a guy to exceed them in those categories which is not an easy feat given how well off many of them are in those areas. It wasn't as bad in grades 1-12 schools plus the schools here are commonly in the 1000 student range so you're always surrounded by a lot of people.

All that being said, it's not hard to find average or busted chicks here either although they mostly populate the lower income areas (Boston is expensive as f*** to live in being top 3 most expensive places to live in the US and also a world ranker for most expensive cities). In any society the less attractive people are going to be the majority. Also, taste is a huge factor as well.
This is GameFAQs. People here take great pride in ignoring common sense.
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