February 13, 2017

Realized I was a Slave

I grew up in some of the worst ghetto’s this nation has known.
I am a minority...
The plague of violence that I have witnessed knew no color.
Only class... The poor working class
The so called forgotten ones.
There has been no greater crime than that of the entertainment industry and the poison that they have flooded the hopeless poor communities with.
Barack Obama nor the Democrats did anything positive for working class Black people or any working class group at that.
Instead they allowed a business to explode off of the misery of the poor working class and poor black communities of this country.
I’ve seen many lives lost growing up in the ghetto’s I’ve known. I’ve lost many brothers to this vicious machine that preys on the poor.
There has been no bigger injustice our country has known than allowing the Hollywood elites and ghetto glorifying puppets to continue earning riches off of the demise of the poor working class minorities in this country.
Many lives I’ve known (Black, Brown, White) have been lost, either incarcerated or by death due to glorifying the image of the popular gangster rap image.
There are more black millennials today from poor inner city ghetto’s that are dedicated to portraying the image of a gangster rapper or pimp or thug instead of striving to go to college or make it in the work force.
Why has this been allowed to go on if Black lives really matter? Is it rich Black lives that matter? If so is it because they contribute big to democratic leaders in order to continue their reign of terror on the poor working class in this country without limits or governing?
This is a business that has existed for far too long and the top 1% of the richest black population (Hollywood elites, entertainers, athletes) has made their riches off of the misery and demise of their own people.
So called Gangster Rappers and similar Hollywood elites along with the networks and record labels (CNN, ABC, Universal, etc.) that are attached to them are directly responsible for the destruction of the working poor.
The Democratic government allowed this to exist because they turned our (working class) destruction into a big business. They receive major contributions from these entertainers and the media networks connected to them.
If you look into the history of slavery in this country – there were black elites (plantation owners) in business with rich white slave owners selling the weaker slaves for profit.
Today there is no difference with the rich Hollywood elites (mainly entertainers) selling their lower income people for profit to the mega system that influences us today. Their evil platform is comprised of several networks, record labels, and politicians including Barack Obama and those Democrats before him.
If Black lives, Brown lives, or White lives mattered so much under Democratic rule why has there been a complete meltdown of the lower working class in this country? Plagued with death, poverty, violence and destruction of lives.
These very Hollywood elites and their slave making media has the world convinced that Donald Trump is Racist. These are the very people that thrive off of mass racial division in our country. Why? Because doing so continues to keep them in power and continues to keep them rich!
Working class liberals can't seem to get the message.
Let me help you get a better idea of the evil system which you are blindly supporting.
I’ve seen many of my friends (poor working class Blacks, Hispanics, and even Whites) fall victim to the mega machine of the democratic rule and their deep greedy ties to the entertainment industry that fuels our ideologies today.
The message is very clear – Democratic political powerhouses in this country continues to do business as they did during slavery! Only now they have a Microphone and a camera behind them to keep us poor and ignorant.
Slavery is not over..
This should be wake up call to all working class Americans in this country!
This is for all my poor working class brothers and sisters that have been lost to the system. I will continue to speak the truth so the loss of your life and those before you will not be in vain. One day the world will know the truth and you will finally rest in peace. Your memory will forever continue. We will be vindicated… We will be forgotten no more.
Unwaveringly dedicated to our cause,

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