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February 14, 2011

Hackers 'School' a New Jersey School Data System

Users of the 4chan online message board managed to get access to the online student information system used by a New Jersey school district after the school's administrative password was posted to 4chan last week. The problem started last Tuesday, according to the Plainfield Board of Education, which serves a small school district just west of Newark. That's when somebody posted a link to the login page and the administrative username ("admin") and password ("poopnugget") of the district's Genesis Student Information System to 4chan, a popular but anarchic message board best known as the place where David Kernell posted details of his break-in of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's Yahoo e-mail account.

The Web-based Genesis software is used by about 160 New Jersey schools to manage their student records and communicate with students and parents.

It's not clear how much damage was caused, but 4chan members soon started posting screenshots showing how they were able to mess with the school's system. One screenshot shows school lunch prices reset to US$9,000 per meal. Another post claims that "every class is now an elective, and requires only 1 credit to graduate."

In another screenshot, it appears as though the 4chan intruder could have sent a message to students and parents using the school's emergency notification system, designed to send text messages and e-mails to parents in the event of a major disaster.

It's not clear whether the message went out, but if it did, parents in Plainfield would have received a technically accurate but tedious lecture on the difference between the Linux kernel and the GNU/Linux operating system.

The district's interim superintendent, Anna Belin-Pyles, confirmed the breach in a statement posted to the district's website on Saturday. There were "unauthorized breaches of one of the District's computer systems in an attempt to vandalize electronic data and to disrupt school district operations," she said.

Although some residents are worried that student records may have been tampered with, Belin-Pyles said that any damage to the system's data was, at worst, only temporary. "There has been no permanent damage to the electronic files and steps are being taken to remedy the situation and further secure the system," she wrote. The school district didn't return calls seeking comment for this story.

Genesis fixed the problem on Wednesday after discovering the stolen password, the company said. On Friday, Genesis posted a brief note offering customers some basic password protection tips.
A criminal investigation into the incident has been opened, Belin-Pyles said.

February 13, 2011

Over The Limit

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February 8, 2011

4Chan attacks fed hired company

Anonymous hacked the website and computer systems of one of the internet security firms that was aiding the FBI in tracking them down.

While most of America was comatose from eating too many wings and bowls of chili, Anonymous went to work bringing down one of the companies trying to nail its nebulous membership. Last week, we reported how 40 Anonymous members had their premises searched by the FBI while 5 suspected members were arrested in the UK by Scotland Yard. HBGary Federal aided those investigations and Anonymous retaliated by bringing down the HBGary website yesterday and replacing it with an image of an open letter outlining their motives. Some 66,000 company emails were also stolen and posted en masse on The Pirate Bay, in order to prove that any information collected by HBGary was worthless and unable to be sold to the FBI. In addition, HBGary CEO Aaron Barr's Twitter account was compromised and used to post his address, social security number and cell phone number.

"Today we taught everyone a lesson. When we actually try to bite back against those who try to bring us down, we bite back hard. #gameover," read a Tweet posted from Aaron Barr's account (which is still under Anonymous control.)

The open letter replacing the HBGary website clearly addressed the group's intentions in this attack. Anonymous mocked the attempts by this computer "security" company for being so easily corrupted, and pointed out that most of the information collected by HBGary was erroneous anyway. "We've seen your internal documents, all of them, and do you know what we did? We laughed. Most of the information you've 'extracted' is publicly available via our IRC networks," the statement read. "The personal details of Anonymous 'members' you think you've acquired are, quite simply, nonsense. So why can't you sell this information to the FBI like you intended? Because we're going to give it to them for free."

How did Anonymous pull it off? Through a combination of hacking knowledge and simple chicanery. The group broke into HBGary's email server, and then used an email that looked like it came from the company's cofounder Greg Hoglund to convince a system admin to divulge passwords.

"They broke into one of HBGary's servers that was used for tech support, and they got emails through compromising an insecure Web server at HBGary Federal," said Hoglund. "They used that to get the credentials for Aaron, who happened to be an administrator on our email system, which is how they got into everything else."

Hoglund might have had a grudging respect for Anonymous before, even as he was investigating their membership, but he reacted the same that Gene Simmons did: by making threats that seem more like bluster than bravery. "They didn't just pick on any company, but we try to protect the US government from hackers. They couldn't have chosen a worse company to pick on."