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November 7, 2010

American Supremacy

you are on an american website on an america made internet on an american computer system that runs an american OS which allows you to run american software so you can download and listen to american music while you watch an american movie in the background as you sit drinking your favorite american carbonated drink thinking of how much you hate americans.

face it, you and everyone else wants to be american.

internet = american (build by the US government in the '70's, thats why we have *.gov & *.mil and you dont. your *.gov.* != a real TLD. www != internet even tho the guy made this one of many protocols used on the internet IN america in '91 and lives and teaches in america)

your computer = american (amd, intel, ibm, hp, dell, cisco, xerox, apple/mac, 3com, 3m, etc. doesnt matter where it was assembled or if you made it yourself. we are getting YOUR check for the parts.)

your OS = american (red hat, gnu(unix/linux), microsoft, osx, etc. again getting your checks.)

software = american (firefox, winamp, anything from google, windows, adobe, wow, etc. again thank you for YOUR money)

music = american (do i really have to list this shit? just goto any music website, there is your list. and no you do not listen to just a handful of artists.)

movie = american (you post pictures on here from our movies & celebrities more than we do)

drink = american (you have to be an idiot to not figure this out, and you dont drink beer all day. derp)

go ahead, reach for the bottom of the bag like saying americans = europeans because then someone can say europeans = albino africans since mankind came from africa. it doesnt negate the fact you want to be american.