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June 9, 2017

Cyril Thomas @ Griffith College Dublin: Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Ag...

Cyril Thomas @ Griffith College Dublin: Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age.:

With the shift to digital modes of storage (nowadays everyone has a flash drive, know how to burn a CD...), "have we forgotten how to forget ?" This is the main concern of Viktor Mayer-Schönberger who has written a book: Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age. For most human history, every little thing we did was at a point forgotten, and from a social point of view it was a good thing; everyone has done stupid things that needed to be forgotten...Digital world has eliminated that forgiveness. Google caches copies of our blog postings (even this one !), social-networking (e.g. Facebook) sites archives all of our photos, messages... It's literally harder to erase information than to retrieve it. Why this is a problem ? According to the author, in addition with piling up unwanted and out of date informations the social implications are tremendous and everything thing we post could turn into a trap for a future career...(the author gives some examples in this video)

So the point is made: there is a true problem, but what are the solutions, what could be done in a world that relies on digital data ? According to Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, people need to stop designing tools that automatically store everything instead we need to design tools that allow people to put "expiration date" on the data entered. The author gives an example with, this service is an on-line private sharing but what makes unique is when you're uploading a file it asks you to put an expiration date on it. With this solution the file is automatically deleted and the data on it...forgotten.

In my own opinion, I am more concerned about what social networking sites and web crawling sites want to do with those informations...In some case it's rather clear, for example with gMail Google displays ads according to the contents of your mail but what about social networking sites what are they gonna do with those infos (and by infos I mean our private life...). But this problem doesn't exist for everyone, in fact the existence of the problem in one's mind is conditioned on our relation with the digital tools. During last class we took a quick survey, the question was rather straight-forward "Is the standard default of remembering on the Internet a problem ?" and the results: 18 for yes and 12 for no, the class was nearly cut in half on this topic. Now it could be interesting to take a survey on a wider population and to study the results according to the age of the participants as kids tends to use a lot social networking.

February 3, 2011

Clement Makes CRTC Back Off; Internet Usage Ruling Reversed, For Now.

The cabinet has the authority to overturn the ruling.

The Prime Minister has given tony clement the authority to say that they want the CRTC to reverse the decision or else the cabinet will do so.

Tony goes back to the basic issue; Anti-Consumer and Anti-Choice, and how it will dampen innovation.

He wants dependent ISP's to exist for the sake of competition and giving consumers a choice citing its better for the marketplace and consumers.

He doesn't want to speculate on cap size. He doesn't want to destroy business models.
The CRTC must reverse its decision that ends unlimited internet access plans offered by smaller internet providers or the federal government will intervene, Tony Clement confirmed.

Asked by the CBC's Rosemary Barton through Twitter whether it's true the industry minister would overturn that decision if the CRTC does not back down, Clement replied: "True. CRTC must go back to drawing board."

Clement's comments come as CRTC chairman Konrad von Finckenstein is set to testify before a House of Commons committee on Thursday.

Many small internet companies rent network access from Bell and then resell it to consumers or businesses at a discount. These small companies had been able to offer their customers unlimited internet access at a set rate.

But the CRTC recently ruled in favor of Bell, which wanted to put usage caps on the companies that rent its internet access. None of the big internet service providers like Bell offer unlimited plans.

Bell had argued that extending usage-based billing to wholesale customers was necessary to discourage excessive internet use that caused congestion on its networks.

The ruling means mean these smaller internet companies can no longer offer unlimited usage plans. Their customers will now have to pay based on how much data they upload to and download from the internet, known as usage-based billing.

The CRTC also said Bell would have to provide the smaller companies a 15 per cent discount on its rates.
But consumer and internet advocates have been lobbying hard against the decision, which they said was leading to higher prices and snuffing out competition among internet service providers (ISPs.)

They also argued it would prevent consumers from taking advantage of new services such as Netflix, which allows users to stream high-definition movies and TV episodes over the internet to their television for a monthly flat rate.

First came P2P and music trading. The ISP's didn't care much because it provided a market for their fledgling high-speed internet offerings and a reason for people to ditch dial-up.

Then people started trading full length feature films and high-def television, often before they even aired in the country and at resolutions unmatched on TV. Then the ISP's became concerned; why would people want to purchase their expensive cable packages if they it was already out there to be had for free? So they began to employ traffic shaping, where the ISP's slowed or even blocked certain internet transmissions.

However, this innovation proved a market. Now, companies like Netflix are streaming TV and Movies over the internet for a reasonable price and the ISP's are petrified. Why are people going to put up with $100 bills when they can have it all for $8 a month? So the ISP's try to choke this before it really takes hold. They decide to limit how much people can download through arbitrary caps set so low we might as well go back to dial-up since all we'll be doing is checking e-mail.

To their shame, the CRTC has done nothing to protect the consumers' interests in all this. In fact, I can't think of a single thing the CRTC has done in the past decade which actually protects the consumer or the public at large, except when they were forced to by government intervention.

I want to say that I hope this will force the CRTC to be more critical of its own decisions, but considering they're composed of ex-industry execs, I think they'll likely just find ways to help media companies bleed consumers to death with paper cuts instead. After all, this was the same body that, only a year ago, thought it would be okay for cable providers to raise rates simply because Canadians could afford it (translation: we'll drain Canadians so long as they have a nickel of disposable income).

I find it interesting that the Conservative government does so much that seems entirely backwards, yet from time to time they get down to business and do something that people can actually approve of. Is this simply pre-election lies or truly what we can continue to expect from this government? I hope the latter, but given their history I'm inclined to think the former.

Neither the Conservatives, or the Liberals were on this issue until they thought of how they could take advantage of the issue. It was Jack Layton/NDP who was on this issue for some time. I think Canadians feel absolutely betrayed by the CRTC on so many issues, they want it disbanded immediately. It is only impeding market development at this point.

Don't let your guard down, this was just their first try. They will move in to try this again.

January 11, 2011

Gerald Celente: Internet nuke bomb waiting to go off

The mainstream media is working diligently turning the US into a nation of pussified sissies with their social engineering. They spin every tragedy into human interest stories and makes every issue about personalities. A good example of this is they will focus on the 9 year old that died in Arizona, drooling on endlessly about it and making everyone all weepy over it. TV reporters are mandated to do this by their corporate overlords, and if they don’t, they get fired. It’s a form of mind control.

The Internet is reversing decades of social engineering in a matter of years. Thanks should be given to Ron Paul and his movement that started the Tea Parties also, for helping to make us more aware. That is why our corporate overlords hate the Internet so much. The Internet helps us understand this problem by letting us articulate the truth, thus reversing the mind control.

Americans are not designed to be socially engineered. When will they get it?

What do our elected public servants expect to happen to them when they manufacture utter hopelessness for such a large scale of our population?

20%+ unemployment. Families being foreclosed on by the millions. No hope of productive prosperous lives for millions of young people. 43+ million people on food stamps. Out of control inflation in the price of education, healthcare, food and energy, etc.

Bailouts and laws passed to benefit the rich wealthy elite and special interests. Putting we the people under a constant state of surveillance, getting the US into senseless wars killing and maiming many of our men on the battlefield and bankrupting our country chasing the boogieman.

Public servants refusing to discuss real issues of importance to many of us like the controlled demolition of building 7, Agenda 21, Codex Alimentarius, the police state feeling us up and irradiating us at airports, leaving the corporate controlled media in charge of the talking point memos and continually trying to socially engineer freedom out of our lives, etc.

Our elected servants have given the American people more than enough reasons to take matters into our own hands exacting our own form of justice because our government delivers none on our behalf. No banksters jailed for fraud and ruining our economy and our lives etc.

The French people had a unique way to deal with unruly public servants, guillotines! It will come to guillotines and the killing of many more public servants if they don’t get on the side of Main Street Americans real soon and respect our Constitution.

The American people need no more reasons, given to us by our elected servants, to take matters into our own hands. It is amazing we have been so restraind, giving them the benefit of the doubt for so long. No more. What is going to happen now has been 100% expected and there is nothing the control freak government can do about it.

What do they expect? When people lose everything, they lose it.

Gerald has got American youth all wrong, for the most part.

American young people are brain dead. They will do NOTHING as long as they get to tweet and text and play video games. But it ain't their fault. It's the fault of their parents and grandparents for teaching them sloth and how to live on debt. I know a LOT of young people. They are absolutely clueless about everything but ipad, ipod, PS3 and Wii. They can text poorly spelled words with zero grammar. Don't look for rebellion there. American youth is going to be slow to revolt because we're too concerned about who's going to play in the super bowl or what drug Miley Cyrus is doing. The mega elite has got the American youth dumbed down to a level I bet they didn't even think was capable. Keep ignoring all of the obvious signs until it's too late America, the mega elite will have us on hands and knees begging for pennies more then we already are!

Optimist don't even recognize tyranny. It's to negative for them. Optimists believe in "the secret" and see themselves as a popsatr driving a Ferrari and believe that will make them a popstar driving a Ferrari.

To sound like O'Brien busting Winston Smith's bubble in 1984. "The proles aren't human. They'll never revolt." Sadly I tend to agree with this. The youth of Britain are just as dumbed down. X-factor and Big Brother are more important to them than human rights issues or freedom. Maybe the denizens of the developing world who are getting online might start the rebellion? Or am I as naive as Smith?

Rioting and rebeillion in the street is what the power elite want. It will enable them to bring in more laws to stop protest marches and freedom of expression. More hacking and more wikileaks type activity will help them bring in more laws to police, clamp down and possibly shutdown the freedom of the internet that we take for granted now. Gerald Celente speaks a lot of sense and revolution is whats needed, but violence and anarchy will play into the hands of those who create the draconian laws.

December 10, 2010

Think Your The Only One Who Hates Social Media?

No you are not.

I happen to miss MySpace. MySpace wasn’t prefect but it inspired people to be creative do to how much people could customize their profiles (though some sucked and caused browsers to crash). If it weren’t for MySpace me and many others wouldn’t have become interested in web design. MySpace was also the place to meet new people from around the world. Facebook isn’t like that. Facebook is simply for people to talk with the people they know personally. It’s hard to meet new people and spread knowledge, plus the pages all look the same.

I think Murdoch ruined MySpace on purpose because people were becoming too individualistic and being exposed to too much information. The same goes for pre-Google YouTube. Facebook on the other hand ensures that people stay on the internet just to talk to people they could easily meet up with in person instead of using that internet time to meet new people from around the world and learn new things.

I find it funny that as Facebook became “the thing” people became dumber.

As far as Twitter is concerned I also think it’s stupid. “Hey isn’t typing a whole paragraph too much work for your fluoridated brain with that rap crap beating in the background? why not further reduce your attention span with MICROblogging”.