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October 31, 2010

pre-solutions on bringing down the NWO

Boycotting all globalist corporations, services, products.
grow your own food, produce our own water.
patronize your local farmers (in county).
learn a trade.
trade/barter locally side-stepping income and sales taxes,
take over your local government via elections.
vote in a Constitutional Sheriff,
arm yourself, train with your local now Constitutional sheriff .
replace all the Feds and their B.S. disaster/terrorism “relief” services.

Remember, these people will give us no quarter. We have to implement these strategies en masse to show them we mean business to get them to back down. Then again these people are removed from reality I guess, there is no point trying to predict what they will do.

Speak to the truth, trust no one, boycott these globalist scumbags and every single corporate scam they have going, from Walmart to McDonalds, from Cable TV to the newspaper – boycott all of it – replace it with better things locally.

Go to your farmers market instead of Walmart, grow a garden, learn a trade or die in the streets robbed of your weapon and last scraps of food.