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September 21, 2018

The Truth About Spiderman

Is that he's just a cop, and the game even makes fun of this... Why? He goes around chasing sirens all day and not just game play, story wise (movies, comics, etc) too... He leaves a lunch date with Mary Jane because he hears sirens; I don't get it..

In the beginning, when he first got his powers I could understand this but after finishing his first big city threatening fight or first super villain fight, all of this cop radio stuff should've stopped. If you're a superhero-vigilante, you're leagues above a cop, so why do cop work? Why not save your energy for the big fights? He's always complaining about not having a life or time yet he spends 23 hours of his day doing the cops job.

And about that... If it wasn't bad enough that Peter Parker is already directly or indirectly responsible for creating half of his super villains, doesn't he know that doing the cops job only makes cops lazier and villains more dangerous because of him?

J. Jonah Jameson was right, Spider-Man is a menace!

The Truth About xSquader/Dawkins

iClockwork posted...
LightningAce11 posted...

Isn't he unemployed? He has all the time in the world.

Of course. He also receives a very large welfare package that, as you can see by his videos, affords him enough money for fast food, cameras, smart phones, computers, marijuana, expensive bongs, etc. 

His current crusades seem to be focused around proving to the state that he is not mentally sound enough to work. 

“I cause too much trouble and refuse to adhere to the same rules that society follows, so I need you to pay for everything including my entertainment. In return, I will continue to harass the general public, the police force, and will continue to be a presence in the courthouse.”

The government is actually paying him to misbehave and create trouble. They enable him to buy the computers and cameras. Nobody ever cuts him off. Judges banning people from using the internet definitely is a thing. If they banned him, he would get right back online with his name and face and violate the rules.