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February 23, 2011

Cloud Computing is Bad for You

The plan is is for Google to buy up all the servers in the world, keep them Exactly where they are, and continue on doing the exact same thing they are now. In 5 years windows will release a OS that is based on this cloud system, all the new computers will have this OS and as time passes everyone will switch over. Then in another 5 years they will slowly wean us off the internet and switch us to the internet 2.

At this point all of our data and our social lives are going to be kept on the "cloud" servers, where they have access to everything they would ever want or need from you without having to ask even a first time.

Google has already been caught in the act of handing over personal information to governments, and whats more there are alleged stories of them working in direct contact with the CIA. Also when you use google chrome every single keystroke is logged and sent to google. not just when you press enter, every single one. Do some packet sniffing as your typing in the address bar, i promise you it will knock you to the floor.

At the moment google is but a search engine for most of us. If they are so bold as to hand over information as of now. Why do you think things are going to change when all of our data is online?

They will be able to block us from our own files, edit and audit them, go through them at any time. The data on there servers are owned by them. just as the data on ours is owned by us. If all our computers become nothing but zombie access points...what are we going to do?

The government has been looking for a way to spy on all of us flawlessly, the media has been searching for a way to flawlessly enforce copyright laws. With cloud computing you can do all this an more.

Forget cloud computing.
Fuck google.
Im keeping my 5TB, thank you.

February 17, 2011

Porn Destroying Society

No one climaxes unexpectedly from watching online porn. You decide you’re done. The first 10 minutes are thrilling but after that you’re not holding back from orgasming; in fact, you’re trying to remind your penis to stay hard until you find whatever it is you think you’re looking for, because you think you’re going to want to suddenly come when you find it, whatever it is will be so awesome you won’t be able to hold back— but it’s never so spontaneous. You have to decide the time has run out. This is why online porn is so problematic: there’s no natural end in sight.

And for most, the biggest problem is the drive: you don’t do it because you’re horny, you do it because you’re bored. With porn that available, you never get to really horny anyway in the same way Americans never get to really hungry.

In other words, online porn isn’t a drug, it isn’t an addiction, it isn’t a sign of deviancy or a trigger for disease: porn is junk food. It is a bag of potato chips you eat when you aren’t even hungry, and once you start and the initial “mmmm!” passes you’re all in, may as well finish the bag, you’ve ruined your diet/night already, start over clean tomorrow.

February 14, 2011

Hackers 'School' a New Jersey School Data System

Users of the 4chan online message board managed to get access to the online student information system used by a New Jersey school district after the school's administrative password was posted to 4chan last week. The problem started last Tuesday, according to the Plainfield Board of Education, which serves a small school district just west of Newark. That's when somebody posted a link to the login page and the administrative username ("admin") and password ("poopnugget") of the district's Genesis Student Information System to 4chan, a popular but anarchic message board best known as the place where David Kernell posted details of his break-in of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's Yahoo e-mail account.

The Web-based Genesis software is used by about 160 New Jersey schools to manage their student records and communicate with students and parents.

It's not clear how much damage was caused, but 4chan members soon started posting screenshots showing how they were able to mess with the school's system. One screenshot shows school lunch prices reset to US$9,000 per meal. Another post claims that "every class is now an elective, and requires only 1 credit to graduate."

In another screenshot, it appears as though the 4chan intruder could have sent a message to students and parents using the school's emergency notification system, designed to send text messages and e-mails to parents in the event of a major disaster.

It's not clear whether the message went out, but if it did, parents in Plainfield would have received a technically accurate but tedious lecture on the difference between the Linux kernel and the GNU/Linux operating system.

The district's interim superintendent, Anna Belin-Pyles, confirmed the breach in a statement posted to the district's website on Saturday. There were "unauthorized breaches of one of the District's computer systems in an attempt to vandalize electronic data and to disrupt school district operations," she said.

Although some residents are worried that student records may have been tampered with, Belin-Pyles said that any damage to the system's data was, at worst, only temporary. "There has been no permanent damage to the electronic files and steps are being taken to remedy the situation and further secure the system," she wrote. The school district didn't return calls seeking comment for this story.

Genesis fixed the problem on Wednesday after discovering the stolen password, the company said. On Friday, Genesis posted a brief note offering customers some basic password protection tips.
A criminal investigation into the incident has been opened, Belin-Pyles said.

Anon Troll Emails Highschool

Anon just can't seem to stay out of the news. While stories occasionally pop up highlighting the good they can do, such as helping people who are broke afford food or helping track down that girl who drowned some puppies in a river, reports of members DOS attacks and harassment of people are pretty common. Case in point, Matthew Riskin Bean, a 20-year-old member of the community, is getting sent to prison for emailing a Philadelphia high school some dirty pictures of one of its students.

So here's what happened: a high school student (who is now 18-years-old) from the Philadelphia area (known only as "Person No. 1") joined an online chat room in 2003 or 2004. During his time with the chat room, he uploaded some graphic photos of himself, including one of his fully erect penis.

According to court documents, Bean came across the photos thanks to comments on 4chan. He then sent the images to Person No. 1's high school, claiming to be a "concerned mother" of another student. In the email, he claimed that "this sort of behavior [should not be] allowed to run rampant."

How Bean was identified isn't clear, though it's known that school officials forwarded his email on to the authorities. When he talked to FBI in an interview back in September 2009, Bean stated that he and other 4chan members tried to identify Person No. 1. This interview also revealed that participants in the 4chan discussion (though not Bean, apparently) expressed the twisted hope that the student would commit suicide.
Bean was originally facing up to five years of jail time for possession and distribution of child pornography, based on the original charges, but he accepted a plea bargain of stalking. This plea included a sentence of 45 days in a federal prison.

Donald Goldberg, who served as Bean's defense attorney, argued that the jail time could do serious harm to his client, who would likely be a target for sexual predators inside the prison. Goldberg claimed that Bean's arrest was a major wake-up call and that his client is a "shy, very vulnerable young man, who is sweet beyond belief."

February 13, 2011

Over The Limit

I seen this hilarious thread and I had to repost this...I assume you will get a kick off this popular spin off.

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Oh and in case any of you arachnologists didn't know, my dad is an FBI commander and my mum is a CIA commander. They let me dicks away with anything so don't bother trying to report me. My dad even said that if I behave well he will shut 7chan for me on my next birthday.

February 9, 2011


they have most of our women on it and soy now to ensure they will get cancerous tumors in their breasts and reproductive organs. This will leave men single. Which in turn frees men up again to return to the battlefield against the bastards that are causing this.

The cycle of life continues. Slavery and Resistance. Tyranny and Liberty.

February 8, 2011

4Chan attacks fed hired company

Anonymous hacked the website and computer systems of one of the internet security firms that was aiding the FBI in tracking them down.

While most of America was comatose from eating too many wings and bowls of chili, Anonymous went to work bringing down one of the companies trying to nail its nebulous membership. Last week, we reported how 40 Anonymous members had their premises searched by the FBI while 5 suspected members were arrested in the UK by Scotland Yard. HBGary Federal aided those investigations and Anonymous retaliated by bringing down the HBGary website yesterday and replacing it with an image of an open letter outlining their motives. Some 66,000 company emails were also stolen and posted en masse on The Pirate Bay, in order to prove that any information collected by HBGary was worthless and unable to be sold to the FBI. In addition, HBGary CEO Aaron Barr's Twitter account was compromised and used to post his address, social security number and cell phone number.

"Today we taught everyone a lesson. When we actually try to bite back against those who try to bring us down, we bite back hard. #gameover," read a Tweet posted from Aaron Barr's account (which is still under Anonymous control.)

The open letter replacing the HBGary website clearly addressed the group's intentions in this attack. Anonymous mocked the attempts by this computer "security" company for being so easily corrupted, and pointed out that most of the information collected by HBGary was erroneous anyway. "We've seen your internal documents, all of them, and do you know what we did? We laughed. Most of the information you've 'extracted' is publicly available via our IRC networks," the statement read. "The personal details of Anonymous 'members' you think you've acquired are, quite simply, nonsense. So why can't you sell this information to the FBI like you intended? Because we're going to give it to them for free."

How did Anonymous pull it off? Through a combination of hacking knowledge and simple chicanery. The group broke into HBGary's email server, and then used an email that looked like it came from the company's cofounder Greg Hoglund to convince a system admin to divulge passwords.

"They broke into one of HBGary's servers that was used for tech support, and they got emails through compromising an insecure Web server at HBGary Federal," said Hoglund. "They used that to get the credentials for Aaron, who happened to be an administrator on our email system, which is how they got into everything else."

Hoglund might have had a grudging respect for Anonymous before, even as he was investigating their membership, but he reacted the same that Gene Simmons did: by making threats that seem more like bluster than bravery. "They didn't just pick on any company, but we try to protect the US government from hackers. They couldn't have chosen a worse company to pick on."

February 3, 2011

Walmarts Makeup Line for 8 to 12 Year Olds

WalMart making anti aging make up for 8 year old girls. All natural products.

Walmart's new line aimed at the tween market. Geogirl. A demographic with at least 2 billion dollars in buying power. Emotional blackmail. Walmart has clout. Walmart reconizing that girls will be girls. The thin edge of the west where kids are being sexualized. Kids that just want to be grown up anyways.

Designed to attracted parents who are afraid of the chemicals in traditional makeup. Age expropriate options for "fresh, young skin." Sick fucks. Track pants with the word "juicey". Tank tops with playboy logos.

Do the walmart executives let their kids wear these clothes? Spirit days for cross dressing. Snowmageddon that didnt materialize.

Clement Makes CRTC Back Off; Internet Usage Ruling Reversed, For Now.

The cabinet has the authority to overturn the ruling.

The Prime Minister has given tony clement the authority to say that they want the CRTC to reverse the decision or else the cabinet will do so.

Tony goes back to the basic issue; Anti-Consumer and Anti-Choice, and how it will dampen innovation.

He wants dependent ISP's to exist for the sake of competition and giving consumers a choice citing its better for the marketplace and consumers.

He doesn't want to speculate on cap size. He doesn't want to destroy business models.
The CRTC must reverse its decision that ends unlimited internet access plans offered by smaller internet providers or the federal government will intervene, Tony Clement confirmed.

Asked by the CBC's Rosemary Barton through Twitter whether it's true the industry minister would overturn that decision if the CRTC does not back down, Clement replied: "True. CRTC must go back to drawing board."

Clement's comments come as CRTC chairman Konrad von Finckenstein is set to testify before a House of Commons committee on Thursday.

Many small internet companies rent network access from Bell and then resell it to consumers or businesses at a discount. These small companies had been able to offer their customers unlimited internet access at a set rate.

But the CRTC recently ruled in favor of Bell, which wanted to put usage caps on the companies that rent its internet access. None of the big internet service providers like Bell offer unlimited plans.

Bell had argued that extending usage-based billing to wholesale customers was necessary to discourage excessive internet use that caused congestion on its networks.

The ruling means mean these smaller internet companies can no longer offer unlimited usage plans. Their customers will now have to pay based on how much data they upload to and download from the internet, known as usage-based billing.

The CRTC also said Bell would have to provide the smaller companies a 15 per cent discount on its rates.
But consumer and internet advocates have been lobbying hard against the decision, which they said was leading to higher prices and snuffing out competition among internet service providers (ISPs.)

They also argued it would prevent consumers from taking advantage of new services such as Netflix, which allows users to stream high-definition movies and TV episodes over the internet to their television for a monthly flat rate.

First came P2P and music trading. The ISP's didn't care much because it provided a market for their fledgling high-speed internet offerings and a reason for people to ditch dial-up.

Then people started trading full length feature films and high-def television, often before they even aired in the country and at resolutions unmatched on TV. Then the ISP's became concerned; why would people want to purchase their expensive cable packages if they it was already out there to be had for free? So they began to employ traffic shaping, where the ISP's slowed or even blocked certain internet transmissions.

However, this innovation proved a market. Now, companies like Netflix are streaming TV and Movies over the internet for a reasonable price and the ISP's are petrified. Why are people going to put up with $100 bills when they can have it all for $8 a month? So the ISP's try to choke this before it really takes hold. They decide to limit how much people can download through arbitrary caps set so low we might as well go back to dial-up since all we'll be doing is checking e-mail.

To their shame, the CRTC has done nothing to protect the consumers' interests in all this. In fact, I can't think of a single thing the CRTC has done in the past decade which actually protects the consumer or the public at large, except when they were forced to by government intervention.

I want to say that I hope this will force the CRTC to be more critical of its own decisions, but considering they're composed of ex-industry execs, I think they'll likely just find ways to help media companies bleed consumers to death with paper cuts instead. After all, this was the same body that, only a year ago, thought it would be okay for cable providers to raise rates simply because Canadians could afford it (translation: we'll drain Canadians so long as they have a nickel of disposable income).

I find it interesting that the Conservative government does so much that seems entirely backwards, yet from time to time they get down to business and do something that people can actually approve of. Is this simply pre-election lies or truly what we can continue to expect from this government? I hope the latter, but given their history I'm inclined to think the former.

Neither the Conservatives, or the Liberals were on this issue until they thought of how they could take advantage of the issue. It was Jack Layton/NDP who was on this issue for some time. I think Canadians feel absolutely betrayed by the CRTC on so many issues, they want it disbanded immediately. It is only impeding market development at this point.

Don't let your guard down, this was just their first try. They will move in to try this again.