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March 2, 2017

end straight whites as the default

7 years ago you were all complaining about bald grizzled middle-aged white guys being the protags in every game, and now you want them back to spite SJWs? And I said triple-A games, which I by-and-large ignore because I'm tired of playing games where all I do is press buttons as I'm prompted to execute some context-sensitive mocap animation. There being exceptions doesn't disprove that the market is oversaturated with these types of games.

"able bodied" is now added to the list of things we should feel guilty about being?

not crippled

what's next, full head of hair? 10 fingers? 

and are they saying they want to play games as physically disabled characters? how would that even work? mario would need ramps to jump gaps in his wheelchair. walking sims will become rolling sims?

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