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March 2, 2017

How I singlehandedly ended my cousin's bullying.

I'm sure many of us have gone through bullying in our grade school days. I was no exception, so when I heard that my cousin Charlie was getting bullied in his senior year of high school, my heart broke. Gerald was his most persistent tormentor, and one day he left my cousin with a bloody lip.

"Scotty, man, you need to get Gerald to stop!" cried Mitch. "He won't stop bullying me!"

I was on my laptop, posting on this very message board. "Charlie, I'm sorry, but I can't get involved in these high school shenanigans"

"Please!" cried Charlie. "Make Gerald stop!"

I sighed. "Look, I'll see what I can do".

I drove Charlie to school and walked him to the counseling office. Some cheerleaders and punk ass jocks were looking at us. "Ayyy, fam!" I shouted.

Coincidentally, Gerald was a student aide at the counseling office. "Sup, freak" he said to my cousin.

"You must be Gerald," I said. "I'm gonna have to ask you to stop bullying my cousin. Or I'm gonna have to take this matter into my own hands"

"The f*** you gonna do about it?" Gerald laughed. "U mad, son?"

I smirked before leaving after Charlie saw his counselor.

Later that day, I hooked up with a woman named Amy in her early 40s. To be honest, I was scheming to hook up with this woman for a while. After the sex, we laid in bed together, sipping tea.

Suddenly, someone barged in the room.

"G-Gerald!" shouted Amy. "I didn't know you had early dismissal today!"

"M-mom?" Gerald stammered, looking at his mother, then at me.

I sipped my tea. "U mad son?" I smirked.

Gerald never bullied my cousin ever again.


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