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March 12, 2017


nicklebro 1 minute ago#42
I'm having deja vu, this is what every single conservatives has done when I come we them and ask this question. Kinda reminds me of those Republicans hiding from the protesters outside of their offices demanding to have a town hall meeting because they're scared of getting yelled and screamed at by the public lol. Well if somebody was going to push through unneeded legislation that would take away the one thing that is keeping me or my loved one or anyone you've ever met Or will meet from dying, then you can bet your ass you're gonna hear what I have to say. You're killing people for purely partisan reasons. As much has you hate the fact that Obama massively improved the healtbcare system, and you stupidly gave it a nickname that ensured he got all of the credit for each life "Obamacare," saved. Well sick Americans hate having to die just so you can claim you kept a campaign promise, which was a stupid promise to make in the first place.

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