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March 17, 2017

Why Only Crimes Of Islam Matter In The West

s0nicfan 43 minutes ago#27
Pogo_Marimo posted...
ImAMarvel posted...
why do we only share islam-related crimes from foreign countries?

Dunno. For some reason murder is a lot scarier when it's politically motivated, even if it's rate of occurence is absurdly uncommon. Probably something to do with feeding into humans innate in-group/out-group biases and xenophobia.

For instance, millions of people die every year from treatable diseases, preventable starvation and exposure, pollution, ect. but the few dozen that die from terrorist attacks warrant the entirety of our worry and anxiety. We've dumped a trillion dollars fighting oversea wars on terrorism when we could have invested that money in our national healthcare and saved such an unbelievable number of lives it is appalling. 

Now we'll ban refugees while poor people die from bacterial infections by the thousands. The illusion of safety is more important than actual results. Better the devil you know, even when that devil is responsible for the dismantling of your economy?

You can't reason with a virus, and it's socially acceptable to dump tons of money into developing ways to kill it. The reason murders get so much attention is because 1: we are people and expect other people to behave in what see as reasonable ways, 2: it's much harder to diagnose why people do terrible things, and 3: it's even harder than that to come up with ways to reduce the likelihood of it happening again.

It's an issue of fairness. We don't expect a virus to behave like anything other than a virus. We DO expect people to behave like other people, and when they don't we want to know why.

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