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March 4, 2017


Women. Sluts. There isn't a single place on this internet where I can freely and openly hate women without censorship or character limit. I am a model, a greek god, attractive. I turn down 10/10 women on a consistent basis. Why? Because of demand. My high social status. My hatred towards them. You can say my mentally abusive mother is the factor for this behavior, and you are right. She was a gift, a slut just like every other woman. She gave me early exposure to just how deceptive and nihilistic the society portrayed "snowflakes" truly are.

Each time I see people criticizing the slut women for valid reasons, only for a slut to rebate with "neckbeard" or "virgin" or "living in moms basement" or "salty cause dumped" my blood boils. These fat disgusting cows who use social media and insults as their retort have no idea a Greek god such as myself lurks in the shadows.

Women are gaining more in society. They are getting better jobs, free passes through their mediocre figures.

The pathetic beta-numales who idolize women being nothing more than a number. You will never have such women. You will always be temporary. You will continue to be isolated and empty.

Women reading this, you are nothing but a breeding chamber. You will never have me. You have conversed with me, you want me the most, never to know my true ideals masked behind perfection.

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