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March 18, 2017

you are funding this

40 yr old NEET here.

Mom is watching her soap operas in her bedroom.

I played Skyrim all day with a Khajiit character this time. Super strong two handed warrior, instead of my female Britton magic user.

Went out and got a bacanator burger combo at Wendy's, and a chicken asiago sammich for my mom.

Now, I'm watching Death Note on Netflix on my Kindle fire 7, while watching girls dance to KPop on YouTube on my phone.

Enjoying a milkshake. Vanilla with a chocolate brownie.

Later on I'll read some comics or a book I recently bought, titled, "Guns, Germs and Gun Powder: How Hitler did nothing wrong."

My life is so fucking gooooooooood!

>INB4 Virgin.

Nope. Herpes, divorced and fucked multiple woman in my prime, Thailand ladyboys, anime body pillow.

Life is really fucking great!

What about you guys?

What's your life like?

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