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April 1, 2017


Too many of us are wasting our precious money-- neetbux or otherwise-- on pump and dumps, risky altcoins, and even solid coins facing uncertain futures.

I'm not here to sell PIVX itself, at this point I think it's proven that it's real and soon it'll steadily be trading at $1+.

What I do want to propose to /biz/ is taking advantage of the Masternode feature of pivx by forming a joint venture.

>What are the benefits?

Passive income generated in the form of payouts from the masternode as well as holding a currency that looks to have a bright future ahead of it. You are not losing out on the gains in the value of PIVX while also earning more. You also are granted a vote in matters concerning changes to the PIVX blockchain-- it's essentially like being a wealthy white landowner in colonial America.

>What is a masternode?

Masternodes are mighty elements of the PIVX network. On the one hand, you can think of them as your very own private savings account (you put 10,000 PIVX into a locked account, and in return you are rewarded with interest). On the other, Masternodes are what help secure the community and relay transactions across the network.

>What do you need for a masternode?

You need a physical and maintained system to run the masternode out of (Don't worry, I got that covered). As stated above, you need 10k PIVX.

>What does this mean for /biz/?

I want to see if there would be interest in buying shares in a masternode that I would maintain. Profits would be distributed to share holders proportional to their shares. As I would operate the masternode, I would subtract the cost of power along with a small fee (very small, it looks like most people charge 15% for this sort of thing and I promise to be under that), but the rest is passed on directly to you.

>How are you keeping costs down?

Electricity costs will be minimal as the masternode will be maintained on a Raspberry Pi.
>Long Term Vision

I plan operate as many /biz/nodes as possible, using profits that I make off this masternode to pay to open more. PIVX, Dash, and Crown are all potential masternode currencies that we could expand into. I would encourage those also making money from the masternode to do the same. This could be a avalanche effect where we reach a critical mass in a hurry and are rapidly able to expand nodes as fast as we can operate them-- and not to mention, the voting power for currencies and changes to their blockchain we would wield as influence as well.
This coin is a literal shitcoin

Stop shilling it

As I said, I'm not here to argue about whether or not you think it's a good coin. It will be trading above a dollar soon and isn't going anywhere.

Keep an open mind and check out their site and their Slack, it's very active and has a community behind it like no other alternative coin. I think it's features and Dash's weakness right now will help it make gains in a hurry.

I already have 1.5k PIVX, we would only need to find 17 shares of 500 PIVX or even some folks willing to put in 1k or more as well.
Why should we trust you?
>>1918912 (OP)
Master chodes smell like Federal Reserve to me.

How centralized can you get with this?

Can you run empires with it?

Is there a Janet Yellen equivalent running it?

I would like to set up these transactions as smart contracts. They will ensure completion of the work and encourage usage of the technology we're trying to invest in.

BitBay seems well structured to provide an apparatus to seal the deal. It would also give those investing an opportunity to support a growing coin with our own business for extra gains.

I'm not too attached to the idea though and I'm happy to provide proof that our future masternode is already set up and ready to rock.
File: 18j1ywgq37zonjpg.jpg (31 KB, 640x360)
>>1918912 (OP)
pic related is OP

Well, there isn't right now-- at least not that I know of.

In my long term vision, /biz/ would be the Janet Yellen so to speak. See, masternode operators get to vote on proposals for the PIVX currency, we very much could influence the process. Shareholders in my nodes would get internal votes and whichever side wins out, we vote as a bloc to maintain our power.

The more we put into this, the more power it can give us in multiple earnings which improves our potential for earnings by controlling outcomes.
The blue pills floweth with this one.

We need a medic in here right away.

I think we are gonna lose him.
File: Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at(...).png (126 KB, 1252x944)

If you're a shareholder, that's the guy you want to be OP.
How is running a PIVX node better than running a WAVES node?

I think PIVX also has the most upside as a currency itself, which is also a factor that needs to be considered in addition to returns.

I would like to expand to other currencies given enough time but for now this seems the most accessible in terms of price point and upside for the currency. Dash would cost almost $70k to get the requisite coins to open a node.

A PIVX masternode currently pays out the equivalent of roughly $1607 a year, not accounting for increases in the value of PIVX itself.

It's payouts are relatively steady and given enough time and enough interest from /biz/, nothing I've said is at all impossible.

If everybody on /biz/ who flushed 1BTC down the drain on truly shit alt coins or getting screwed on pump and dumps put their money towards this instead, they could make reliable income and be growing our strength in numbers.

I think a WAVES node would be more profitable to run in the long term, now that their fiat gateways will be starting.

If you've got WAVE to put on the table, I would be open to looking at a node there.

How much WAVE do you hold currently?

I have 1200 waves.

You need 10,000 to run a node.

I could muster up 2k WAVE based on current holdings I could liquidate. I would be able to do more, but I'm not willing to part with the PIVX I have saved.
What do you get for running a waves node? may turn in to a sweet investment if it ever takes off

I'm having trouble finding information on returns on a WAVES node.

PIVX is much easier to access and has an equal that I think will surpass WAVES as well.
Any other takers?

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