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April 4, 2017


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ConflictedX3 4 hours ago#1
I paid for this game in FULL a year ago because i thought the release date was april 2016, I'm coming home from work yesterday and they called me for a "9:00 pm release", i'm like great cuz i have to drive up 4 hours tuesday morning to visit family.

i wake up at 8:30, called to make sure they were still having it they say yes, COOL!
i drive a 20 minute commute and reached at 9:09pm.

gates down, someones sweeping, i go up to the door, the person sweeping looks at me and then walks AWAY from the door to back of the store im thinking "o.k....." and i see a few cars parked thinking they're waiting to get inside too cuz during the FFXV midnight release we all waited in cars till like 12:02.

so im sitting in the car till 9:21 and the 2 employees turn off the lights and walk out and i realized the cars waiting outside are the employee's rides. 

so i get out of the car and ask dude "what happened to the 9pm release??" his grumpy ass SHRUGS AT ME and says "Had it already" and i'm like "At 9??" he HALF-SHRUGS with a smug face and repeats "Had it already"

seriously, in 9 minutes, you had your "release party" everybody paid, and left you closed the gates and are cleaning up with no expectations of anybody with a farther commute, i left my house at 8:45 excuse me for not cutting that truck off on the highway.

BTW for anyone on the east coast this is the gamestop at union city literally the LAST gamestop you see before entering the lincoln tunnel to new york city. 

@#$^ them

P.S when i originally preordered the game i lived in union city just 5 mins up the road, but now i moved about 20 minutes down in the town over a few months i right or wrong in my position??

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