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April 21, 2017

Hard Talk: Dizzying is a scrub pandering mechanic

MashYouGood 1 hour ago#1
The dizzying / dazed mechanic in fighting games is an anachronism and has no place in any modern fighting game worth its salt.

 It panders to scrubs that cannot land combos against active opponents -- if you cannot bash out your rote BnB combos through an opponent's active defence -- git gud(®)
• It encourages the use of boring, rote combos -- to capitalise on dazed opponents; further homogenising already oft lobotomised fighting games
• Almost always, the implementation of the dizzy mechanic is wholly linear, inorgranic and largely non sequitur -- e.g., be on the threshold of being dazed, only to turn the tables in seconds -- 'forgetting' the CTE that the brain just suffered * facepalm.jpg *
• Dizzy meters are an insulting crutch that destroy any excitement the mechanic may engender -- how can one know whether an opponent will become dazed, with pixel level of certainty? >dumb
• It promotes poor sportsmanship -- all gamer's need are more tools that let their rodent hang out
• It's illogical, from an organised combat standpoint -- no combat sport permits people to attack one another when someone's been effectively knocked out (...well, not outside of MMA cage fights / mauls)
• Even the oft maligned Mortal Kombat restricts 'dizzies' to when a character is already 'dead' (for Fatalities) -- MK is MK; and if MK is doing something better than you are, you know you're doin' it wrong
• In SFV, specifically, dizzying has stooped to a new depth of mortification -- dizzying occurs in 'V' at a monotonous regularity that's perhaps unprecedented in the fighting game genre...

The dizzy mechanic in fighting games should either be overhauled -- e.g., no more meters; dizzies not based on a gradual 'accumulation of dizziness', rather from attacks that warrant it; some kind of restriction or penalty should be imposed on the those who engage in the dog act of attacking defenceless opponents (like, a 'Scrub' winning icon or loss of meter) -- or done away with outright. Dizzies yield n o t h i n g of a positive nature, yet foster many negative gameplay and, indeed, gamer traits.

Back in halcyon arcade days, if people attacked a dazed opponent, they would be--at lest--mocked or--in some cases--given a face-to-face meeting with a CPS2 / Jamma / MVS circuit board... through the arcade cabinet monitor! It's unarguable that the anonymity of console / online gaming has given a tacit imprimatur to lowly gaming etiquette, and therefore goaded its rise ( with the wont of this vile organism's nature). No one can content that this is a good thing. If they do, then they're almost certainly the type who clubs seals, flays puppies and boils live kittens -- opinions of whom that should carry exactly zero weight.

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