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April 19, 2017

How To Lose All Your Money Quick 239DFG

Total newfag here.

Can I get a quick rundown on how to get into the coin market? It seems like the right time to jump on the POSW train, however I'm completely bluepilled as far as the tools go.

I have a Bittrex account and I'd like to know how to trade POSW. My understanding is that you buy BTCs via Coinbase and then transfer them to a wallet of some sort?
Is there any documentation or pasta available on how to get started?
I would link you to my website which has a start up guide for cryptos but it's against the rules and I would probably get called a faggot shill.

Basically buy btc on CoinBase, Gemini, localbitcoins, etc > generate btc wallet address on yobit (bittrex doesn't sell posw yet) > deposit your recently bought btcs to the yobit btc address > wait a few minutes or hours for transfer > on yobit marketplace click posw and buy > transfer newly acquired posw to poswallet to start making more posw for free
Also kys for not googling this shit you lazy neet
So, basically, after I purchase my POSW on yobit, I'm supposed to transfer them to my poswallet account. How is that exactly accomplished?
Do I generate the link via yobit for a BTC transfer, or is the mechanism built into the poswallet thing?
Wish you could actually link that website here.
you forgot the part where the posw wallet is in maintenance like all the shitcoin wallets on yoshit
>>1971161 (OP)
I would recommend buying monero or eth instead of btc, if you're going for lower priced transactions, as the fees won't be as bad.
Wait, can't I just buy BTC via Coinbase and transfer them directly to the poswallet? What is the point of having that coin go through yobit if the poswallet platform seems to have a built-in exchange?
Ok, I decided to setup a blockchain account since it seems to be less invasive in regards to getting my personal data.
Won't I fuck anything up if I buy BTC via blockchain, then transfer it to yobit to buy POSW? Also, how do I proceed to transfer the BTC from yobit toy my poswallet?
poswallet is all in one. You can stake coins like POSW, PIVX, BITB 24/7 without using your computer. Has an Exchange. Also able to gain free coins for those who are just starting to get into crypto. Sign up at (Referral Link)
Just send the BTC to your poswallet. Then use the exchange
>So, basically, after I purchase my POSW on yobit, I'm supposed to transfer them to my poswallet account. How is that exactly accomplished?
You don't have to do this unless you want to stake them. You can also stake them not through the online account.
You could alternatively buy them directly through the posw online account.

Personally I'm just holding mine on yobit for now. Lots of people complaining about slow deposit times on posw website
Instead of actually depositing anything on the poswallet thing, can I taste the moon simply by
buying POSW via yobit and later sell on yobit for BTC which I would then transfer back to blockchain?
Still trying to grasp the entire mechanism of the poswallet. How is it going to differ from just
holding my POSW inside yobit?
Yes of course. If you do this you're gambling only on the price of posw increasing.

In yobit, yobit will stake your coins and keep the money.
On posw exchange they stake your coins and keep only a small fraction of the money. They will let you deposit all different types of Proof of Stake coins, not just posw and do the same deal with staking and giving you most of the profit.
File: poswallet.PN0G.png (37 KB, 708x505)
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Okay, I'm getting somewhere here.
The general idea would be to deposit the BTC from my blockchain wallet into my poswallet. Then, one should transfer the coins from staking into exchange and watch the magic happen from there on.
Once I decide to withdraw, I put the coins back into staking, send all back into blockchain via pic related and enjoy the profits.
Or should I also worry about managing the coins and spreading them withing the Proof of Stake coins manually? I'm really trying my best here, lol
What I'm doing is buying POSW and staking it. As the price goes up for POSW you are still earning coins from staking and can keep or sell the earned coins
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>>1971161 (OP)
Bretty sure its the season for FrN desu.

Didnt you check your calander....?

23rd of april they said...
If I were to transfer the coins into exchange, am I supposed to perform any actions on the market with those coins? Or is it sufficient to simply watch the value of POSW grow overtime and once it's mooned or whatever, transfer back into staking from the exchange and to my blockchain wallet?
I still don't fully comprehend the interface of this poswallet thing. I just don't want to mess up because of a misundestanding of the layout. Is my previous pick the correct way to withdraw money from poswallet into another one?
In other words, once I put BTC inside my poswallet directly from blockchain/coinbase and they sit inside they stakes, do I have to transfer them to exchange and 'BUY POSW' via the BTC I just transfered to buy into posw while it's still low?
What are Sats?
Yes, btc doesn't stake so even though it's in a "staking wallet" it doesn't. You need to use the exchange and buy posw. Then take it and send it from the exchange wallet -> staking wallet. It takes like 11 hours to start staking. Then you'll gain more coins while it moons
Somebody kind enough to elaborate with a step by step guide so that newfags like me are less prone to fucking up with these tools?
Step 1 get all your money in cash
Step 2 get lighter fluid
Step 3 burn your cash
Step 4 enjoy the heat benefit you receive from previously owning money because that's more than you'll ever get from shitcoins.
Step 5 kys
Ahh, I really appreciate your help, anon!
The only question remains, to seize the opportunity, is a way to sell POSW for BTC once it has mooned. Is it as straight forward as it seems?
First I buy POSW via BTC that I transfered to exchange. Then put the POSW in staking. Once it's gold, I put it back in exchange, sell it for BTC, and withdraw BTC into my blockchain.
What are you stuck on?
Send btc to poswallet
Btc will be in the staking wallet
Send the btc to the exchange wallet
This is all done under "wallets"
Go to the exchange and buy posw coin with btc
Your new posw coin will now be in the exchange wallet
Go to wallets and send posw coins from the exchange to the staking wallet

Contact the devs with a support ticket in order to get a bigger withdrawal limit (you'll need ID)

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