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July 17, 2017

Are SJW's Racist?

Annihilated 19 hours ago#13
boxington posted...
Annihilated posted...
Well all SJWs are racist by definition.

what definition is that?

The fact that they value racial and gender identity above knowledge or character. Everyone with certain immutable characteristics belongs in certain "groups" and don't even think about trying to cross or "appropriate" from other groups.
Offworlder1 19 hours ago#14
SJWs are racist, the question is really "are you honest about being prejudice ?, or do you hide your prejudice behind a movement ?".
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MrMallard 19 hours ago#15
I'd rather be a bit loud and stubborn regarding social issues over thinking (x) race is full of (y) stereotypes and belong in the homeland that their ethnicity comes from. SJWs typically think they're doing right and helping people by fighting those who hurt them for their race or lifestyle choices - regardless of how skewed or distorted that gets, I think it's an intrinsically more noble thing to be than to mumble about different races smelling bad and blaming the degradation of society on a bunch of people with different skin to mine.
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Racists just hate some people by the color of their skin. 

SJWs hate a s*** load of people for a variety of reasons up to but also including skin color.
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PrettyBoyFloyd 19 hours ago#17
I just believe in every man for himself.
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