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July 14, 2017

Inside Look: Whale Coin

Welcome newcomers and fellow Whale Friends today I have come to ask for your support in the future of WhaleCoin. For those who missed out:

>What is WhaleCoin?
WhaleCoin is a waves lite client place holder for an upcoming cryptocurrency in development. The limit will and always will be 1 million WhaleCoins in existence. Once we have a working product in place we will create a temporary transfer of wavestoken WhaleCoins into our official WhaleCoins, essentially a 1 to 1 conversion.

>How will it be distributed?
WhaleCoin will work differently than other coins that use a (POS) proof of stake or (POW) proof of work. Instead it will be circulated by you my fellow whale friends through proof of whale. It will be circulated by the members who hold WhaleCoin, at the moment the idea is still have members on /biz/ the most up to date and biggest shareholders of WhaleCoin.

>How do I get WhaleCoin?
1. Download or open Waves Lite Client
2. Make account
3. Submit Wave Lite Client address in your name 
4. Get WhaleCoin

*Limit will be 3 address post per thread after 3 or more no coins will be deposited till next thread*

>How much has been distributed?
So far 187,500 WhaleCoins have been distributed on /biz/ alone in 4 threads. We are almost at our 800k milestone.

>Next course of action?
Once we hit the 800k milestone a few changes will be implemented first will be the rewards sent. Currently 900 is sent to each account after we hit 800k rewards will become 700 per address post. This is due to shares being given to potential developers or helpers that we may recruit as well partnerships.

If you guys are interested in working with WhaleCoin in the future please reply to this email address with what your specialties are and if you prefer a copy of your resume (if you prefer to leave your name and address or other personal information out it's fine). I will get back to you in a couple days and we will set up a time for interviews at your leisure.

Thanks for supporting us!WhaleCoin General Thread 5: Whale done! Whale-chan !gXGf2QNz/U (ID: tBlAk43D) 07/14/17(Fri)23:14:37 No.2786890

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