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July 13, 2017

Racist Cryptocurrency

A new ERC20 Compliant Token has come to market called Nigger Dollars (NGRD$).

We are more than just a token, we're a revolutionizing technology coming to the blockchain.

We're Niggers.

50% of all funds raised split and donated to two charity groups:.
* 25% to Black Lives Matters.
* 25% to a white supremacy group. The exact group will be based on a vote done by the community through a smart contract Dapp.

What to expect in the future:.
* Desktop/Web Wallet (maybe mobile).
* WAVES token issued based on the Ethereum token to enable exchange on the WAVES Decentralized Exchange.
* Attempt to get listed on as many exchanges as possible (Cryptopia,Yobit,poloniex,etc...).
* 25% of funds donated to Black Lives Matters
* 25% of funds donated to a white supremacy group voted by the communitt through a smart contract Dapp.
* If getting listed on an exchange is difficult a custom smart contract exchange will be written.

1ETH = 10,000 NGRD$
2,000,000 NGRD$ token maximum

Send ETH to the smart contract address:


See the website for more information and to stay up to date.

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