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August 11, 2017

BIZ communism regret

I'm a communist but communism will never happen and I just realized I've wasted a good portion of my life. Survival of the fittest.
How do I become capitalist and become rich? I read the basic guide and I'm wondering if I should read any of the books. Do you have any initial reccomendations for investments that I could do with minimal money and still turn a slight profit? Should I just save up a few grand to invest?
>not bait
>>3026405 (OP)
Also I am Canadian, so I will not be able to do certain things like investing with American banks.
Depends if you want to be safe or join /biz/ in its orgy of cryptofinance.

The latter of which is the Wild West, but insanely profitable if you know what you're doing.

I've made $75,000 so far this year.
I don't NEED money, I only want it so I just want a safe investment that will give me 100% reliable returns. /biz/ is a fucking wasateland and I don't want to buy anything I don' understand.
>>3026405 (OP)
>hold an amount in bonds equal to you're age by percentage
Never gonna make it です
buy gold during the christmas season. it drops like a rock. or invest in the SIGT as it is low rn. or you could learn programming and make an SaaS
>>3026405 (OP)
>I'm a communist

u need to give all your stuff away, goyim, and lefe as the poor, sucker faggit like the total degenerate and unsaveable braincripple that u are
> my hate for you psychopathic criminal parasites is real
is the SIGT a very high risk or high risk investment?
How much is there a chance that it will fail and when should I start selling if I buy in?
>100% reliable returns
I said I didn't want to be a communist anymore.
nice try though
Okay taht does sound retarded. I meant VERy reliable
Depends on your attitude to risk my friend. One of the major breakthroughs in economic thought was to actually define risk as a function of expected return (and vice versa). The key is to MINIMISE your portfolio risk for your target expected return.

I'm not an expert myself but I recommend the Boglehead book if you are thinking of the passive approach. You need initial capital and/or consistent capital to get significant returns though.
Basically, just read more into it. The resources linked in that infographic are solid. Then you can make the decisions which are best for you and your financial situation, and risk tolerance
>>3026405 (OP)
>survival of the fittest
That is the exact opposite of the current economy. We live in a society of "survival of the best connected" (see: jews but not just jews)
You will work your butt of every day to have it scalped by jews/minorities/govt/big business
>save up money to invest
Right now everything is in an asset bubble due to the situation with the global central banking systems. Very difficult to find good assets to buy.
Make sure you have survival skills. Develop skills that will be useful if society collapses. There is a high likelyhood of total collapse in the USA (10% next 5 years, 50% next 100 years, 90% next 300 years). Canada will feel the effects. Even if the collapse does not happen in your lifetime, you can teach your kids the skills and have a head start.

As far as acquiring money, you need to be a shark. You need to do literally anything to make money, and you need to be intelligent enough to spot the cracks in the system that let you get away with it.

As a communist, at least you did not contribute, making the collapse come sooner (sooner it happens, the less suffering there will be). As a capitalist, you will be postponing DOTR.

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