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August 2, 2017

CE, help me find great stories from 8 years ago

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wallmasterz 9 hours ago#1
Back in 2009 there was a thread somewhere on GameFAQs (I think it was this board) containing humorously stupid stories either written by children, or written as if they were by children. I thought they were hilarious and copied and pasted a number of them as Facebook statuses of my own. 

Facebook's "On This Day" feature brought them back to my memory today. I shared these stories on August 1, 2009, which must have been when they were originally posted on GameFAQs. I know it's quite a long shot, but does anyone know who might've written these stories? Or did anyone save them at least?

Here are all of them. They've been cut off for some reason. Although it's been eight years, I remember laughing until I cried.

I would go to the time of dinosaurs in a time machine. I would look for my favorite dinosaurs Teiresaurostop, Stegasausrus and Tyranrosauras Rex. I would take some picturs and notes about them. It would be fun to go to the time of the dinosaurs.

When I landed on Mars I saw 1,685 aileans. The aileans all had three, four, five, six eyes. They tried to make me get off their planet. They tried to get me off their planet shooting my rocket with their laser beams on top of their heads. I shot them with

Once up on a time there once lived a wizard named Peter. Peter lived in the woods. Peter had a speacial magic wnd that no other wizards had. The other wizard's wands could make anything they want. But Peter's wand could take him anywhere he wanted to go.

"If we had concrete books and we dropped them on our foot it would hurt and the pages might have stuck together and If we had wooden blankets we would get squashed and we would be uncomfortable."

Once I went flying above the clouds. I saw green monsters on jets coming toward clouds. The green monsters went on the clouds and started eating the clouds. I wonderd why they were eating the clouds. So I asked the monsters. The monsters said they were ea

I was putting up my Christmas stockings and went to sleep. After I went to sleep, Santa came at midnight. He was on his raindeer and accidently slipped off the roof. He could not get in because the front door was locked. He told his reindeers to come down

One day I saw a rainbow I went as close I can and then in one second I was in the rainbow. It was long. I finally got to the end of the rainbow. When I got there I saw a pot of gold. I grabbed the pot of gold and slid on the rainbow and went back home.

It was the day before Easter. So I got a basket and started putting chocolates and candies in the Easter eggs from last year. I also put 5 hard boiled eggs in. On Easter I had the basket in my hand. I looked around for My best friend Jonathan. It took me

It was Easter I decorated two Easter eggs and hid them near my friend Christopher's house. I waited for him to come out. After he came out with his dog, he knew there were Easter eggs somewhere hidden by his parents or his brother or sisther. He looked in

Once upon a time at Christmas Santa was delivering presents a boy named Todd put a gernade in his coat but luckily Santa escaped just in time but at that time he was very near Antartica so he was very cold. So when Santa got home he planned revenge, so ne

There once was a world where every boy had his own giant robot. One day a boy tried to take over the world with his giant robot. So he attacked each city but the other robots were beaten up because the boy's robot was the strongest. All the other boy's ro

Once upon a time. A boy named John was taking a test. After the test he and his friend went out to recess. John was very lonely. His only friend was a boy named Joe. When he and Joe were walking home from school, he remembered that tomorrow was show and t
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