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August 11, 2017

Drop shipping

>be me
>broke with 10$ to spend because from a third world country
>wanna know if flipping shit from china by fb advertising and shopify is possible with 10$(obv going to put my profits back in until I start making 4 figures).

Also, any ways to drive traffic and get good conversions for free? Or your own personal experiences with dropshipping.
Any other way to make money online with virtually no monetary investment?
no chance
Browse r/entrepreneur, you'll find a lot on drop shipping over there. Here is mostly coin propaganda.
Although 10$ to begin with is ridiculous imo.
>>3009255 (OP)
try selling dirt
Start off by buying a pair of knee pads
He'd make more if he spent the initial 10 on make-up desu.
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thanks senpai, obv 10$ sounds fucking retarded to start a business. But the tutorials/training videos I saw on youtube made it seem like if you run a campaign and target the right audience, you're going to get at least 3-4 conversions off 5$. Basically, put 10$ for ads, make 30$ off it, spend like 20$ for buying from alibaba at the worst profit margins case scenario. I was thinking I'd make those 10$ in profit and keep repeating and scaling. Just wanted to know how likely it is to get conversions right off the bat, and I'm thinking I'll target retarded/feeble minded people who buy hippie spiritual shit so that way I can scale.
To make conversions, you need target the right audience, and that can take a lot of tries even to find it.
It'd be more logical to define a max budget you're willing to gamble on this, research to limit the risk, do it starting with your ten, and correct, adjust and try again until you reach your max and/or achieve success.
>>3009255 (OP)
don't take out anything for personal use until you reach $10k, keep cash for cash flow but dont spend your money on useless stuff.

if you want to do this the right way the lowest you can reasonably start with is $100 (domain, shopify billing, ordering the product, fb ads, etc.) so try to get 100 first then start.
Thanks once again senpai, do you reckon there's a way I can get free traffic leading to free conversions? For example, maybe if I use like 20 fake ids on pinterest to pin my product/design(which is going to be good, not just generic shit), it might make other people pin it too until it gets trending? Similarly there could be other artificial ways to drive free traffic.Does this sound viable to you? Also, I'm a newfag, how do you get back to the threads you replied to? There's no notification lmao
I agree with you, I'm putting everything back into the business but I would hardly take out like 50$-100$ to invest in other projects I have as I hit the 4 figure mark. Anyway, I can get a domain for 2$ for a year, and as for payments to buy products, that is secondary and done only after I get payment from my customer. Lastly there is fb advertising, do you suggest I save 100$ just for advertising. Also, how likely is my business going to fail even after spending 100$(obviously would do it after thouroughly researching the target demographic) because a 100$ is a lot for me since I cant work jobs and there is no source of income besides anything I make online(cant leave college premises) I really dont care about profits for my personal spends at this point of time, I have no living expenditures since my parents pay for my college and hostel(I live in India). I just want to create a passive income well before I graduate because the Indian education system and then the 9 to 5 cubicle job makes me fucking depressed, I feel like I'm being conned into slavery.
>>3009255 (OP)
Can you get cheap shit in your country? Let's team up and we'll split it
Read the FAQ in order to know how to use the site.
>Similarly there could be other artificial ways to drive free traffic
You don't seem to know anything (or not much) about drop shipping. Why cutting corners then? Try to create real traffic, then, if you think it is necessary, create fake traffic.
Go read about other drop shippers experience, it will give you an idea on how to proceed.
/biz/ may not be the best place for this, as you don't have proof and can't evaluate if the advice is good. They tend to show proof of success in non-anon places.

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