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August 11, 2017

Bitcoin Fork

How does this not just make new coins from nothing? There were only ever supposed to be 21 million bitcoin now that amount has been doubled.

You could keep forking bitcoin nd keep doubling the supply and never run out. How does this keep value?
Well with BTC as a settlement coin now, you can overtrade the fuck out of it, so technically they're making coins out of thin air on the original network. BCC still has the finite on-chain coins that will cap at 21mill. If one chain dies then those coins are worthless and new coins are not produced nor can they be sent to one another as no one is confirming transactions.
And if neither of them die? So many people thought etc would die by now but its still alive. Whales could keep pumping it and idiots buy in everytime. It'll never die. Difference is there is an infinite amount of eth/etc not so with this.

Seems like a fundamental flaw if putting a cap was the intent
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>>3011592 (OP)
How exist over 99 altcoins.
How does this not just make new coins from nothing?
How does this keep value?

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