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September 30, 2017

Millennial Comments

Children are being pushed more and more in education. I have nieces that are half way through college before they graduate high school. That doesn't leave a lot of time for things other than school.
Reason they are not into sex is because of the slow-life strategy?  WOW!  Good one!  There hormones should be no different.  Their grades aren't any better.  They're more obese.  I would look into the video games and social media addictions as the culprit.  But I don't want to hurt their sensitive feelings!
@James Peters James, I feel sorry for teens today. Their parents camp out in their lives, which is kind of sad. But to an amazing degree a huge percentage of them are fat. It seemed like the kids at the mall were kind of heavy and I thought it was just me using a sepia toned view of my childhood, but when I visited my Mom last month I found my old year book. Out of 200 kids maybe 6 or 7 were overweight. But now at least half of the kids I see near the local high schools are way worse than merely overweight. 
Maybe I wouldn't have been all that into sex at 17 if all my choices were mostly fat chicks.
Still, I don't think the article is all that accurate. I think the current STD rate for teens is proof that there is still a lot of sex going on for high school age kids. 
@Zivien Bndzrski @James Peters You make some very good points Zivien.  I completely agree that the parents smother these kids lives to the point that these kids cannot enjoy any independence - which is really awful.  My childhood had so much more independence and it truly carved out a "better" me as a result of that - looking back it created incredible memories that I sometimes still relate back to.  It also gave me confidence and it soooo builds character.  The world is just different today and the issue isn't all the parents fault - it's also partly a cultural change.  The exposure forced on kids today, the entitlements given to them - none of this is helping.  The real world is full of peaks and valleys and letting kids experience both is healthy and necessary for a normal life - sheltering or distorting the truth from kids is not helping them.
Referring to these kids as millenials is wrong. I think Jean Twenge got it right in referring to them as the "iGen" generation--roughly, those born between 1995 and 2012. They differ from millenials far more than milennials did from Gen Xers, and it's all because they're the first generation to grow up with smartphones and other associated technologies. The Twenge article in the Atlantic (linked above) is interesting and, to me, quite convincing. I found a lot of parallels to my own "iGen" kids in it. 
Many are Basement Teens and they do drink, have sex and whine all the time how life is so hard. About not wanting to work is mostly true. Many are very lazy. Many teens want lots of kids with no way of supporting them.Their life without a cell phone would be a disaster. They have to be on twitter, Facebook, and instagram all the time. They all want to be popular in groups. Always sending selfies and updating where they are at or plan to be at ALL THE TIME. Cell phone friends are way more important to them then family. If you ask them they will deny it  If parents monitor their cell phones, they will learn so much more about their child than one would ever dream of. The scary future is if and when teen reality sets in. ( 30 something 40 something ) ?
 These comments are hilarious. The article was fun but kinda useless (sorry Kari); people are always going to assume what they want about others, no matter how much data you throw at them. 

But the comments... hoo, boy, that's where the real meat is! The old fogeys lamenting the state of modern humanity, the occasional millennial rising to defend his generation, the occasional "woke" person who tries to blame the economy. God, I wish there were something like this 30-40 years ago so we could see what the Greatest Generation thought about us!
The "trophy generation" needs to experience all the vices the baby boomers had or else they will grow up to be trump voters.
It's really frustrating to read articles like this.  I went to college and was hammered by English teachers for my mistakes.  Now, I see them everywhere in print and online media.  This article is about "What" not "why".  There isn't even an attempt at explaining the factors driving this shift just that the shift has happened.  I could have told them all of this without reading the article.  Sit in a restaurant and it's obvious.  I don't need to know that the color of the door is red.  I need to know why the person living there painted it red.  Otherwise it's just useless, obvious observations that I could and have made a thousand times.
In the dark days of the old Soviet Union it was said the difference between the starving dogs in the ever liberalizing Poland and well fed dogs in the more totalitaritan Hungary was that the Polish dogs were allowed to bark.
Not quite sure why I was remembering an early 1970s era tale when this MW article was only about American teenagers.
Online dating has ruined relationships and dating for people of all ages. It gives people an illusion of abundance when in reality its bunch of people engaged in serial dating. I see pix of women who maintain their profile on dating sites for years. Even when they're dating someone they still keep their profile active. Doesn't say much for the hapless chap they're dating. Everyone is an option and not a priority. 
Parents make your children get a job to support their car and insurance. Have title in both your and child's name which will allow them to get credit established and make grades in school a condition of use of the car. This worked for me on both of my children and both are now director level at major companies both well into six figure salaries. The point is that giving a child a car or completely funding colleges doesn't establish work ethic. Making them pay for car, insurance and part of college establishes work ethic while allowing the parent to have some control on amount of help given. It worked for me and my wife on our two children.
I don't think this is something new, I don't recall being interested in adult things back in the 1970's.  I don't know why anyone would think that drinking, smoking marijuana or having sex is fun, and needed to have fun, its not.  The problem the small percent that do drink, smoke marijuana and have sex for the sake of just having it, only end up in trouble, costing them their future, and bring on other problems in adulthood. 
Incompetent parenting and procreation by folks with bad genes has left us with a lot of losers in society. Anything that shows the birth rate is fine with me. Eventually, we'll have designer babies and perhaps some process for ensuring effective parenting. In the meantime, I am concern that the highest birth rates are among those who are least snore to afford kids and likely least capable of raising them. It's pollution the gene pool and giving us an ever-growing underclass.
Take you surveys you want till the cows come home.  They're all worthless if they are telling you teenagers aren't interested in sex.  Use your common sense man!
Stupid baby boomers ruined the economy for Millennials. 
@j esco Yes, the boomers were big spenders and got the country into huge personal and national debt with the large welfare state and wars we couldn't afford.  Now they are scrambling to save for their retirement and are having to work longer in life, not allowing jobs to open up for Millennials.  
@j esco Incorrect. It was the Mills and Gex X's who done that and in a rather short period of time to boot.
@James Floyd @j esco LOL...WRONG!  We've had nothing but Baby Boomer presidents for the last 25 years.  Boomers have been in control of the government and economy for a quarter century and they've run the national debt up to nearly $20 trillion.  By the time the final Boomer president leaves office (hopefully Trump will be the last one), The debt will be at least $25 trillion.  Thanks Boomers!
Interesting article. I actually see these delayed things as positives. No kids out getting drunk (which no kid should be doing anyway) and or driving at the same time? Big time good thing. Kids not going out and getting pregnant or STDs? Good! 
Now, if we could just break them of texting and driving ...
Also, who in their right mind wants to grow up? I have found adulthood to be over rated with too many unfun things to deal with like bills and people dying on you. :(
Wish I were a kid still ... I miss not having to make stupid life decisions.
@Lori Jansen It may all be good, but probably bad for the human species.  Biologically the female time window for reproduction is fairly short.  Too many people in the world?  Maybe, but when they all get older and cant work any more,  who are you going to tax to pay for them? This is the current problem in China, Japan, Europe, America--demographic cliff.  
No one is saying that these kids won't eventually have babies of their own - just later in life when they're actually ready for them, not when they're still kids (since this article is about *teens* not people in their 20s-30s). And as an aunt of a youngster who just turned 15, let me say that this is a good thing. She's nowhere ready to take on that kind of responsibility.

Too many people in the world?  Maybe, but when they all get older and cant work any more,  who are you going to tax to pay for them? This is the current problem in China, Japan, Europe, America--demographic cliff."

That's where immigration comes into play and has for a long time. Yes, yes, I know all about the illegal immigration arguments, but the truth is, fresh blood/genes coming in from other places along with new ideas and energy is actually a good thing, despite what some people think.
They are not having sex because they are too busy whacking to porn.  Relationships are too hard and time consuming.
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The crisis with millennials can really be attributed to four fundamental reasons:
1)  The lack of strong family ties (having two genuine loving parents, male and female).
2)  Lack of moral values which has always been based upon Bible principles (honesty, integrity, respectfulness, courtesy, compassion, attitude, love, etc.).
3)  Lack of good work ethics (work output would be the same with or without pay).
4)  Lack of finding the real meaning in life and pursuing a specific goal (resulting in laziness, depression, frustration, hopelessness, etc.)
Strengthening these would bring about vast changes in an upcoming generation, In the US, God has been replaced with the "state" which has no moral compass causing all of the above to proliferate.
@Roy Anderberg  Everyone talks about having strong moral values.  Then they overlook people they've put in public office that constantly lie, are misogynistic, dislike people simply because they're different, etc... And all these "strong morals" people refuse to hold their own accountable, not realizing that profiting (economically or otherwise) by someone's sins is the same as sinning.
One thing I have noticed is that the truly godly tend to judge themselves harsher than others and those that use religion as a weapon or a means of power judge others harsher than themselves.
The ticket to a good life has grown along with the cost of education. Both are highly overrated. Better to live on a sailboat and work odd jobs. Go where it's warm in the winter. Who needs a mini mansion and luxury car? Only suckers.
Aren't these so-called "adult activities" really self-destructive activities?  The title and tone of the article are opposed to what's actually occurring in reality.  Modern journalism.
It has nothing to do with participation trophies or coddling.  It has everything to do with what part-time jobs can get you.  It used to be that a part-time job could help you pay for college.  And a job you got after graduating high school without even going to college could buy a home for your family.  Now if you get a part-time while you study or heck...even a 40 hour minimum wage're lucky to be able to afford the gas that gets you to the job in the first place, let alone a home. So obviously the kids can't afford to venture out and they stay with the parents longer.  THATS why 18 looks like 15 today.  The kids simply can't afford to grow up anymore.  Think of the incentives you had when you grew up...My own car, my own place! College! All where attainable so you had incentive.  Know these things are hardly attainable straight out of high school or while in no incentive to move forward and grow up and strike it out on your own.   If someone else screams participation trophy Im gonna eat my hat. Those older folks who say this would not have had what they had if they grew up in this economy.  ITS NOT SMARTPHONES MAKING THEM UNHAPPY. ITS NOT BEING ABLE TO BUY A HOME AND CAR LIKE THEIR PARENTS COULD. IT'S KNOWING THEY CANT HAVE THE LIFE THEIR PARENTS HAD BECAUSE THIS IS NOT THEIR PARENT'S ECONOMY.  
I agree w/most of your statement, but cell phones really are having a major impact on human beings. They have turned much of our society into zombies who walk around being elsewhere, not even cognizant of their surroundings. That really is new - and dangerous.
@Alexandra Del Coro Amengual Nope It's because of plastic baseball and Soccer trophies trophies. If we only knew what we were doing to our kids!!  Joking aside i think the Increase of people saying there unhappy or Depressed isn't due to anything more than Honesty. I believe it is more socially acceptable to do and say many thing that only a few years ago were deeply hidden.I'm not saying that you said was wrong, Those are all things that can differently help or hinder someone's Feelings.  
Give kids a smart phone and a trophy and there happy campers. Oh don't forget to drive them everywhere.
but definitely agree, they expect to be driven everywhere all the time and even before increased gas prices didn't understand what a budget stain it can cause