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All submissions can be sent to
Here are a few notes and guidelines to keep in mind:
We receive hundreds of submissions on a weekly basis.

  • Subject of email should start with “Archive Submission:” and include curators name and any information of origin. This helps us to weed out spam from legitimate submissions.
  • Please send text and pictures only. Videos and other formats will not be archived.
  • We do no accept submissions from the following file sharing websites: Zshare, Sharebee, limelinx, Rapidshare, etc.
  • Rich Text Format: OKAY
  • Please include any relevant information about the information (bio, hometown, etc.) that you would like included in the post.
  • Provide website links for further information on the curator (Twitter, Facebook, Personal)


  1. Hey there! What do you mean by sending content? I thought you can take all information from a link. Or I didn't get how you work?


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