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June 30, 2017

Bitbean Scam

Bitbean is your textbook shitcoin:

>our core team will do X
>we will show you Y at Z

Why aren't they already doing it? Because they won't. The vaporware PoS machine that was tirelessly shilled everywhere, set to be revealed and demoed at Porcfest, was merely a tactic to hype up the coin and attract naive buyers. It never existed. The devs like to call it a "prototype," but there are not pictures or videos of it. The dev posted a cringeworthy video of himself entering a tent wearing a Mr. Bean mask at Porcfest here >>>2659331 →, which was supposedly the demo of the PoS, but it has already been deleted.

The entire core team chose to remain semi-anonymous. By semi-anonymous they mean, maybe disclose their first name and hide everything else. Sounds like very reliable people, right? The lead dev FAILED TO ATTRACT INTEREST TO BITBEAN. Instead, the coin is doing much worse than it was before Porcfest.

These guys are shilling this shitcoin on /biz/ 24/7, sharing empty promises that will never come to fruition. A typical pump and dump scam.

I like the entity that is Bitbean, their mascot, it's just its shitty core team that needs to be purged completely.

Do your own research on this project and draw your own conclusions.