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August 27, 2017

Why It Matters That Ahmed Mohamed Is Both Black and Muslim

Like Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old teenager from Irving, Texas arrested for bringing a clock to school, I grew up Sudanese and Muslim in America, though of a different generation. My family moved to the United States from Khartoum in 1990, when I was 12 years old. In the mid ‘90s, when I attended high school in New York, bringing a home-made clock to school would not have resulted in arrest. Muslims were treated as backward, though rarely dangerous.

Ahmed Mohamed lives in a different time. It wasn’t long after his arrest that social media began debating who he is and what impact his identity had on what transpired. For the most part, news reports referred to him as “a Muslim boy,” his own family emphasizing his religious identity as the reason why, in Ahmed’s words, he was made to feel like “a terrorist.”

Meanwhile, on twitter, black Muslims used the hashtag #beingblackandmuslim to discuss Ahmed’s case and their experiences. Others wondered what would have happened if he was black. Others still called for his blackness not to be ignored. Africa is a country, an influential cultural blog, waded in with a tweet. Even the Washington Post ran an article on the subject.

I have no idea how Ahmed and the rest of his family identify beyond this specific incident. What I do know is how America perceives someone that looks like him and carries his name. The “is it because he is Muslim? Black? Both?” question is an interesting one to ponder, but practically, not an easy one to answer.

Ahmed’s case is a classic example of intersectionality — a term coined by law professor KimberlĂ© Crenshaw in the 1980s. Building on the work of others before her, Crenshaw grappled with a specific problem: why had women of color been left, in her words, “invisible in plain sight” by both feminist and anti-racist movements? The conclusion she reached was that “the kind of discrimination people have conceptualized is limited because they stop their thinking when the discrimination encounters another kind of discrimination”. In a passage from a 1989 essay that has since become famous, Crenshaw writes:

Consider an analogy to traffic in an intersection, coming and going in all four directions. Discrimination, like traffic through an intersection, may flow in one direction, and it may flow in another. If an accident happens in an intersection, it can be caused by cars traveling from any number of directions and, sometimes, from all of them. Similarly, if a Black woman is harmed because she is in the intersection, her injury could result from sex discrimination or race discrimination...But it is not always easy to reconstruct an accident: Sometimes the skid marks and the injuries simply indicate that they occurred simultaneously, frustrating efforts to determine which driver caused the harm.
Taking this analogy and applying it to Ahmed, we find him standing at a dangerous intersection in modern America: Islamophobia meets white supremacy. Black Muslims face, at the very least, a double discrimination in the United States. In the years immediately following 9/11, my sisters and I used to say only half-jokingly that we felt “black in the street, Muslim at the airport.” If we had been veiled, we would have felt Muslim on the street as well.

Things seem to have only gotten worse for black and Muslim communities since, not the least of in my own city, New York, a supposed bastion of liberalism that has in the past two decades routinely and egregiously violated the civil liberties of its black, Muslim and Latino residents.

To me, the debate about whether Ahmed is “Muslim” or “black” and to which part of him the Irving school system and police department responded misses the point. Firstly, because as some have pointed out, “Muslim” and “black” are not mutually exclusive categories.

Secondly, because the debate fails to recognize that it is only because Muslims have been racialized that most Americans have particular ideas of who one is, and what she or he is supposed to look or act like. As Saher Selod writes, Muslims’ “religious identities have acquired racial meanings associating their bodies with terror and violence resulting in their increased experiences with racism.”

Thirdly, and this is the point I’d like to emphasize, the “what is Ahmed” debate is a distraction from a more urgent question. More than one in four Muslim Americans identify as black, and one in three as Asian or Latino. Why isn’t there more solidarity and cross-movement organizing between those fighting Islamophobia and others battling to bring an end to America’s deeply rooted structural racism, which feeds the school to prison pipeline and mass incarceration?

As Crenshaw explains in a recent op-ed piece in the Washington Post, “the term [intersectionality] brought to light the invisibility of many constituents within groups that claim them as members, but often fail to represent them.” This invisibility currently characterizes the position of black Muslims in their own communities.

Islamohophia actively builds on structural racism, at the very least through the use of its tools (aggressive policing, hyper surveillance). Americans face a web of interlocking subjugations that draw on various configurations of class, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and immigration status. Movements and organizations that have operated largely independently from one another need to do a better job of realizing that discrimination rarely operates along one axis, and to organize accordingly. Otherwise, they risk leaving those they are meant to serve “invisible in plain sight.”

One last point: Much of the media’s focus in the Ahmed Mohamed story, and ours in turn, has been on President Obama’s invitation to the teenager to visit the White House, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s encouraging words. Not insignificant acts by any means, least of all I imagine to Ahmed himself, who was stripped of his dignity and rights in front of his whole school.

But the response is also symptomatic of what America is prone to do: turn these kind of stories into a greeting card — “Sorry you were profiled. Know that you are precious.” That’s just not enough anymore. It never was, otherwise we wouldn’t be facing “outrageous” stories again and again.

 - K3lys

May 23, 2017

Court defuses brand-new CLOCK BOY outrage.

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Kelystic 1 day ago#1
“Clock Boy,” the Muslim teen in Texas who was feted by the White House and others as a victim of discrimination after his school punished him for bringing to class a homemade device that looked like a bomb, has lost another court case demanding damages.

A judge in Texas dismissed a lawsuit filed by the father of Ahmed Mohamed, concluding the court could find no evidence that any Irving School District employee “intentionally discriminated against Ahmed Mohamed based on his race or religion,”the London Daily Mail reported.

The lawsuit was filed against the city of Irving, Texas, and the local school district after Ahmed got in trouble then cashed in on the notoriety.

In “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance,” renowned activist Pamela Geller provides proven practical guidance on how freedom lovers can stop jihadist initiatives in local communities.

The Daily Mail said court papers it obtained reveal a judge dismissed the entire case Thursday. The lawsuit sought unspecified compensatory and punitive damages along with attorney fees.

WND reported earlier this year on another round of difficulties for the student, because of his lawsuit over comments by commentator Ben Shapiro and others. That case also was dismissed.

At the time, the judge said Shapiro could seek reimbursement for his fees and costs after he was sued along with the Blaze, Glenn Beck, Center for Security Policy, Jim Hanson, Fox News, Ben Ferguson and others.

“Clock Boy case falls apart like a pencil box filled with clock parts,” Shapiro tweeted in celebration at the time.

The Mohameds sued for “defamation” after their son’s incident became the talk of the nation.

He brought the device to his Irving, Texas, school in late 2015 and caused a scare. He was arrested and suspended but then turned the incident around, gaining favors from the famous, including an invitation to the White House from President Obama.

WND reported that when the case against Shapiro and others was dismissed, the judge pressed Mohamed’s lawyer, Fort Worth attorney Susan Hutchison, to provide any facts that would suggest that the defendants said anything false or defamatory about Mohamed or his son during the television broadcasts.

“After spending a painfully embarrassing 15 minutes flipping through reams of paper, Mohamed’s lawyer was unable to provide any such evidence,” said a report from the defendants’ lawyers at the time.

In a court order posted by Shapiro, the judge said her motion to dismiss the case “is granted in its entirety.”

“It is further ordered, adjudged, and decreed that all of the plaintiffs’ claims against Shapiro are dismissed with prejudice in their entirety. Plaintiffs shall take nothing from Shapiro,” the judge continued. “It is further ordered, adjudged, and decreed that, in accordance with Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code 27.009(1), Shapiro is entitled to recover his attorneys’ fees, courts costs, and other expenses in bringing his motion to dismiss and defending against plaintiffs’ claims.”

The Daily Mail said the latest decision stemmed from the Sept. 14, 2015, incident when Ahmed, then 14, “gained national attention when his high school teacher suspected he brought a bomb to school.”

He was booked and interrogated on the offense of a “hoax bomb,” but charges later were dropped. He then sued the city, Irving Independent School District and the commentators.

The judge found, however, “Absent allegations of intentional discrimination, or allegations from which the court can reasonably infer intentional discrimination, plaintiff fails to allege an equal protection violation against the IISD.”
Kelystic 1 day ago#2
The youth, after his arrest, held news conferences, was invited by then-President Obama to the White House, bragged about his overseas travels and then alerted reporters when he was returning to the United States. The Council on American Islamic Relations, which was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a terror-financing case, got involved in the publicity campaign.

Mohamed claimed he suffered “severe psychological trauma” because of the case, which resulted in a month-long world tour that included:

1. Honor by President Obama on social media and an invitation to the White House, where he meets the president on the South Lawn at an astronomy event;

2. A meeting with Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, at a science fair;

3. Praise by Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg;

4. Being named the beneficiary of a $20,000 fundraising campaign;

5. An invitation by a Canadian astronaut to visit;

6. An appearance with Dr. Oz;

7. Praise from MIT scientist Chanda Prescod-Weinstein for being “my ideal student”;

8. A proclamation by New York City of “Ahmed Day”;

9. A visit with Sudanese President Omar al Bashir, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court for genocide.

10. A visit with Turkey’s Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu;

11. A trip to the Middle East during which, as the Huffington Post described it, he “hung with Jordan’s Queen Rania”;

12. A visit to Mecca as an honored guest of Saudi Arabia King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

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you're a f***in loser lol
what the hell is with CE and this kid
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AlternativeFAQS posted...
I was duped by an obvious con

Sorry for your loss
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-Gavirulax- 1 day ago#6
One of the best posters on CE.
Kelystic 1 day ago#7
MSM Continues Fake News About 'Clock Boy' as Inventor

CBS News was hardly alone in perpetrating the "Clock Boy" fake news myth about his "invention." The Dallas Morning News also joined in. 

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against the Irving school district and the city of Irving by the father of Ahmed Mohamed, the teen whose homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb.

And again it is the readers who have to set the record straight:

from Day One the DMN made it appear that Clock Boy had invented something, but the majority of its readership or at least the intelligent ones saw through that meme and pointed out that all he had done was to take apart a clock and stuff it into a pencil case that looked like an attache case.

Finally, the New York Daily News also continues with the "Clock Boy" fake news:

Ahmed was handcuffed and taken to jail in September 2015 after his teacher mistook his homemade alarm clock for an explosive. The teacher confiscated the item, but called police. Ahmed, 14 at the time, was arrested but released shortly after.

Apparently, the mainstream media is unable to give up their fake news myth about "Clock Boy" even long after it has been disproven.
Kanaya413 1 day ago#8
-Gavirulax- posted...
One of the best posters on CE.
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JE19426 1 day ago#9
Kelystic posted...
the London Daily Mail reported.

There's a London Daily Mail?
Holy f*** would you shut up about this kid already.
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AlternativeFAQS posted...
you're a f***in loser lol

The fact that Clock Kid topics still get clowns like Mr Lightbulb here so outraged is my favorite part of them.
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Kelystic 1 day ago#12
Can people stop spreading the bulls*** rumor that it looked like a bomb?

It looked like a suitcase clock. This looks like a bomb
Electrokinesis posted...
Holy f*** would you shut up about this kid already.
Why am I here?
Darklit_Minuet posted...
Can people stop spreading the bulls*** rumor that it looked like a bomb?

It looked like a suitcase clock. This looks like a bomb

i chuckled
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Kelystic 1 day ago#16
Kelystic posted...
8. A proclamation by New York City of “Ahmed Day”;

What a cuck city
Axiom 1 day ago#18
I'm starting to suspect that Kely was actually clock boy the entire time
Kelystic 1 day ago#19
CrimsonAngeI posted...
Electrokinesis posted...
Holy f*** would you shut up about this kid already.

It's a high profile news story that was a big controversy not long ago. Why wouldn't people talk about it when the original narrative is exposed as fraudulent?
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Nazanir 1 day ago#21
Soviet_Shurima posted...
what the hell is with CE and this kid

Not CE, just the TC.
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HypnoCoosh 1 day ago#22
Darklit_Minuet posted...
suitcase clock

lol ok
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Laserion 1 day ago#23
Why did he say "invented"?
Clocks have been around for ages. Pencils too, and boxes to hold them too. Changing a container for another has been done by hermit crabs even longer:
There is no "would of", "should of" or "could of".
Doom_Art 1 day ago#24
i'll never understand the right's obsession with this kid
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The little s*** knew what he was doing. :v
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Kelystic 15 hours ago#26
some sources suggested that this is not over.
AlternativeFAQS posted...
you're a f***in loser lol

why? because he wont kiss Ahmeds lying, provocateur ass?
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Zack_Attackv1 15 hours ago#28
eggcorn 15 hours ago#29
Kelystic 15 hours ago#30
E32005 15 hours ago#31
The Admiral posted...
AlternativeFAQS posted...
you're a f***in loser lol

The fact that Clock Kid topics still get clowns like Mr Lightbulb here so outraged is my favorite part of them.

homie, you right there with him. you post in EVERY topic.
HydraSlayer82 15 hours ago#32
How build clock?
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Zack_Attackv1 15 hours ago#33
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