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December 25, 2018

Battlefield V

With such obvious little effort put into this game it's really no surprise it didn't sell well, but people seem to think the sales are bad because of some silly "don't like it, don't buy it" PR crap. The truth is the series has stagnated for years with little improvements, and clear milking of the fan base.

Battlefield 4 was released too soon after BF3. In fact it was released just 7 months after BF3's final DLC. Then Hardline just fizzled(which no one really wanted or needed) followed by a lot of lost potential with BF1(bad name aside) and now finally the awful BFV which is one of the worst WW2 games ever.

What has really changed in the last 5 games they've released? Not much. Every launch has the same problems, lag, disconnects, server issues, bugs, and glitches galore. I have beta tested every BF since Bad Company and it's the same problems over and over. They get this right, they get that wrong, they never get it all right in a single package. One step forward, two steps backwards.

Then you have to ask why do they even create single player scenarios? No one buys Battlefield for single player. Its just wasted resources. And why offer training scenarios? We don't need training. It's kinda crazy but in 4 years we'll be having a 20th year anniversary on the Battlefield series. The game has been around since 2002. Some of it's player base has been around since they were babies, we've pretty much grown up with Battlefield, and it's almost an insult at this point to put training scenarios into the game. What ever happened to just having "learning curve"?

Still... 16 years later they are still giving out beta tests like candy as if they don't know by now what needs to be done prior to releasing a game. Frostbite Engine 3.0 has had very little updates since making the jump from Bad Company 2 to BF3. The destruction has basically been left alone, and for some of us the destruction is a huge selling point. It's what makes Battlefield feel like an actual battlefield. They attempted to ramp up the destruction in BF4 but all they did was dumb it down by making one big object in every map the focal point, and neutering the rest. Hardline, BF1, and BF5 have seen no improvements here.

I sit and play BFV wondering just wtf they were thinking when they made this steaming pile of crap. The weapons and progression system is horrible. You mean I have to unlock the same pistols, and melee weapons with every single character? And what is with this ugly ass "Predator" camo being unlocked for every weapon? It's absolutely horrible Dice. Let us use our kills and our time spent playing the game to unlock what we actually want for once. You finally add a hint of character customization, and then you deliver a game with very limited weapons and maps. This 8 map standard is not enough, not when your single player is abysmal.

At this point in time the Battlefield series needs to just take a breather. The next Battlefield game shouldn't have any single player at all. It also shouldn't have a beta, if they can't get it right on release day with their history they should just stop making the series all together.

And at this point in time, the Civil War, World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and any other major war in the past should just be DLC as expansion packs. WW2 has been milked to death, and this BFV game is a disgrace to what WW2 was. This is one war that doesn't need any half hearted attempts because all it shows is a blatant cash grab by a company who's already known for being greedy. Nothing about BFV is memorable as far as this war goes.

If you want to see something memorable about WW2 there are about 20 documentaries, 3 great TV shows, and a handful of excellent movies. There are actually some decent games too like...

Call Of Duty 2. Do you remember that campaign? You're damn right you do, because it was awesome. Do you remember BFV? Nope, because it's a fart in the wind.