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February 23, 2011

Cloud Computing is Bad for You

The plan is is for Google to buy up all the servers in the world, keep them Exactly where they are, and continue on doing the exact same thing they are now. In 5 years windows will release a OS that is based on this cloud system, all the new computers will have this OS and as time passes everyone will switch over. Then in another 5 years they will slowly wean us off the internet and switch us to the internet 2.

At this point all of our data and our social lives are going to be kept on the "cloud" servers, where they have access to everything they would ever want or need from you without having to ask even a first time.

Google has already been caught in the act of handing over personal information to governments, and whats more there are alleged stories of them working in direct contact with the CIA. Also when you use google chrome every single keystroke is logged and sent to google. not just when you press enter, every single one. Do some packet sniffing as your typing in the address bar, i promise you it will knock you to the floor.

At the moment google is but a search engine for most of us. If they are so bold as to hand over information as of now. Why do you think things are going to change when all of our data is online?

They will be able to block us from our own files, edit and audit them, go through them at any time. The data on there servers are owned by them. just as the data on ours is owned by us. If all our computers become nothing but zombie access points...what are we going to do?

The government has been looking for a way to spy on all of us flawlessly, the media has been searching for a way to flawlessly enforce copyright laws. With cloud computing you can do all this an more.

Forget cloud computing.
Fuck google.
Im keeping my 5TB, thank you.