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December 5, 2010

2010 NFL on Fox - It's Good To Have a Ring - Airport

The commercial below features arrogant NFL stars being waved past TSA security as they flash their Super Bowl rings, while “ordinary” passengers are forced to wait in line.

At one point in the commercial Jimmy Johnson– a former coach– sets off a metal detector before the camera focuses on his hips and he displays a sword to the screener in an obvious representation of a phallus. The screener, smiling, compliments him and lets him proceed.
In the final shot the viewer sees a man being held by an agent, stripped down to his underwear while menaced by snarling dogs.

This is insane, anyone who likes this ad just admitted to being a slave.

The rich are better than us, that’s what this commercial is placing in the minds of those who watch it with a calm smile on their faces. I’m so tired of propaganda. It takes true originality to bow before the social engineers in our media. Humanity is losing my respect big time.

Do people want to be enslaved?

To all of you who think this is good, like waking people up. Its NOT! Pure unadulterated conditioning of the mindless public. Proof of conditioning is shown in the last few seconds of the ad. Its set to make the tyrannical freedom stomping incident humorous.