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October 6, 2012

Saturday Morning Clouds

The school day, their asked to supervise.
Meeting mandates, i'm just asking to clear the bones of contention.

More, more, and more we are asked to cut corners in our own lives to give to the machine running the show who in turn, quite frankly, steals it from us with the promise of "investing for tomorrow".

As I grow older, I feel practical applications to my knowledge I have put together over the years. With still much to learn, I realize this: they have us waiting. It's a constant waiting game. Waiting on their word, on the actions of others to get the ball rolling to have it ultimately land into your lap.

They can't even afford to keep the street lights on at night in Detroit anymore. If it was crime central before then I certainly would hate to see the numbers now.

Every dent and blow to the machine leaves the operators testy. We are about to take the reigns, by force.