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November 2, 2018

The Driverless Car Problem

I was driving today, drinking a dunking donuts ice coffee that I know destroys my insides in traffic, and I got the bubbly gutt, I had to pull over immediately and use a public restroom. I don't see how they can solve a problem like this.

No amount of deep learning/machine learning is going to be sophisticated enough to take into account the severity of this issue. Despite that, no one has yet to bring it up. Obviously people are going to eat and drink in the car if it drives itself, that's going to increase restroom emergencies by so much and the only way the AI can learn is by correcting itself so we're going to see people peeing and pooping themselves like we've never seen before.

Imagine the insanity this will cause. People will have to go to important job interviews in diapers.

Do you think driverless cars are a good idea now? How likely are you to poop your pants in a driverless car? Be honest.