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January 29, 2011

Ebay won't be around forever at this rate.

Ebay used to be good but it now ignores the problems sellers have, which is why they're leaving in droves. The words "no longer registered" is appearing more and more against previous seller IDs. For those of you that think that ebay is wonderful - Try being a regular seller on there and you'll soon change your tune. I mean, have you ever noticed that there are more "buy it now" listings? Probably not, because you're still under the delusion that items on ebay are "cheap" Trust me, they're not!

Ebay's just tried too hard to be like Amazon, when it was nothing like it in the first place. It had it's own unique internet model, but poor decision making has meant that the small sellers, who made ebay, are being treated with disdain and kicked out.