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September 30, 2017

Ford Stock

Pesky Amazon. Oops, they dont sell vehicles...I sell used vehicles specializing in Ford trucks and Vans (good sellers)and sales have been dead for two months and bad since January. All the news talks about is Amazon...garbage. the lower 70% is tapped from inflation living on the edge, basically week to week and broke. All my network shops crying the same thing. A couple little spurts, but the deadness is eerie. I dont even get hardly any calls on things that used to sell fast in weeks. Now it is many months or even more than a year. Things are bad folks. Alot of shops folding, not just retail. Do your own due diligence for reality check. Imho we(the bottom 70%) have been in recession since January, no joke.
Ranger - Excellent
Ford full size trucks/Vans/SUVs/ -good
Ford cars - poor to very poor. Buy Camry or Civic or similar Japanese.
If the bottom 70% is “tapped out” it is due to debt fueled hyper consumption. My wife and I have one child and save and invest about 25% of our gross annual household income (we earn slightly below median household income - about $55k). I don’t expect everyone to be able to achieve this as it takes a great deal of self control but I don’t see why at least the top 50% couldn’t consistently save 15% of their annual income. Of course this wouldn’t help Ford sell $50k trucks and SUVs to people who earn $40k per year.