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July 19, 2017

Insurance for Baby

MuayThai85 8 hours ago#1
So my wife and I just had a fight. I got home and see her sitting with 2 woman, they were signing up my daughter, who is only 1, for over $1200/year worth of insurance. She didn't even discuss it with me. 

Our kid is healthy and Thailand has free health care. She tried to claim its because the free hospital isn't good when it has the best doctors in the city and the only place with a children's icu and pre/post natal icu. Then it's because "she gets private room for free", no she f***ing doesn't, we are literally paying for it with such ridiculous insurance fees. 

Then I asked her why the insurance for a baby cost 20% more than for me, a 32 year old foreigner. Wouldn't even answer me. Her family are all backing her and making out like I'm the bad guy for thinking it's a complete waste of f***ing money. Thais are all hypochondriacs and lack the ability of critical thinking. They literally go to the hospital because they have the sniffles or a mosquito bite (literally saw the latter happen in person).

There is like a 1% chance that this would ever come in handy. Most likely we are wasting a month of her salary on absolutely nothing.
How can one person post so much stupid s***?