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August 11, 2017

Peak Oil

Anonymous (ID: yafro0I9) 08/10/17(Thu)13:22:27 No.3011743

I have warned about Peak Oil since the early 20s. I've been warning them, I've been sounding the alarm. Since the 1920s, I have been saying to people, "Knock it off with the oil thing, we're using too much oil. Stop it. Find an alternative. Peak Oil is just around the corner."

I initially said, "By 1927 we'll be out of oil, completely. Gone. Oh, there might be a little bit in Saudi Arabia, but we haven't even developed that yet."

That's what I said, at the time. Then, in about the 30s and 40s, when we'd already developed the Saudi fields by then, I said "Yeah, okay, yes, we can tap into that for a while but Peak Oil is still just around the corner. We're gonna run out. It's almost gone in America, and it'll run out in Saudi Arabia by, I'd say the late 50s."

Then the 60s came around and we still had plenty of oil, but I said, "Look, by 1970 or so, it's gonna be gone. It's going to dry up. That's why the prices are going up!", and the prices went up, and they skyrocketed. It used to be 40 cents a gallon EVERYWHERE in the 70s, and then all of a sudden it's 80, then 90 cents. Then, pretty soon, in the 90s, it became a dollar a gallon, and then it was two, then it was three, then it was four, and I kept ringing the bell, and ringing and ringing and ringing.

I was right, and now it's gone. It's completely gone. All the oil. Gone. No more crude oil. It's totally dried up. I TRIED to tell you, but you wouldn't listen. Nearly a hundred years of warning, I begged and I pleaded, "LISTEN TO ME! PEAK OIIIIIIIIIIIIIL!"

Peak Oil. I said it, over and over and over, nobody would listen, and NOW IT'S GONE. We don't have any anymore.