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August 10, 2017

Irwindale Speedway Shutting Down

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[–]NewmanMohlfasa 16 points  
I've spent pretty much every weekend at this place since the doors opened in 1999. I remember being there on opening night and seeing around 70 super late models push through tech at 8 years old, it was something I had never seen before. I remember seeing the firework waterfall cover the billboards on the backstretch after the national anthem. I've had so many memories at this track, I've met so many amazing people, so many good people, that this is actual literal heartbreak.
It's my home away from home and I love every single bit of it. It wouldn't be the same without it. I know there is always a chance for EVERYTHING, I just really hope there is a chance these doors stay open because if they close, it'll be a piece of my childhood, gone.
[–]Kyle Pettyjimbobbobbybobjrjr 2 points  
i feel you. the track i grew up watching races at closed suddenly when i was 12. that was 23 years ago and there is still a gaping hole where it used to be. i will never forget those saturday nights sitting on top of my dads truck right behind the turn 2 wall. I moved across the country many years ago. A new track in my hometown is about the only thing that would get me to move back there.
[–]Chase Elliott_ArthurDigbySellers_ 2 points  
Been going there as a spectator for well over a decade myself. The unreal racing there is what got me hooked on motorsports and made me a gearhead for life. I held out hope that maybe they would save this place but I guess it's not meant to be. I don't wanna have to drive to Orange Show to get m fix :(
[–]Kensethsm2016 12 points  
Watching Motorsports in America fade away into nothing is absolutely heartbreaking. I can't believe we have to see this happen again.
[–]KeselowskiGarageguyEve 19 points  
Damn. I thought they were already shut down. IIRC they were shutting down like 7 or 8 years save...and then were shutting down a couple years later.
[–]Martinidontremembermyoldus 7 points  
The track filed for bankruptcy in 2012.
[–]KeselowskiGarageguyEve 4 points  
Wasn't there a shopping mall involved at some point too?
[–]Martinidontremembermyoldus 4 points  
Yes, the land is currently owned by a company that had plans to demolish the track and build an outlet mall. The track was renting the land.
[–]KeselowskiGarageguyEve 0 points  
Honestly I don't know much about the track other than Jesse James used it for one of his TV shows, and I saw it in a couple video games configured as a figure eight. Is it going to be missed? If it's filing for bankruptcy and getting sold and shutdown I can't imagine that a lot of people are going anyways.
[–]Custerbsracer14 8 points  
  • only race track of any type in Los Angeles county
  • held turkey night for a few years which has been held since 1934. Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne and Jason leffler among others competed at irwindale turkey nights.
  • held the all star race of all non national NASCAR series kickstarting the careers of Joey logano, and David Gilliland among others
  • Travis pastranas first stock car race
  • first ever global rallycross race
  • x games
  • uncountable tv show, commercial and movie appearances
  • traditional formula drift season closer
[–]Chase Elliottcoljoh24 5 points  
It is one of the few tracks left in the area and is within driving distance of LA and San Diego counties. The problem with all sports and events in the area though is that there is unlimited possibilities for things to do on any given day or night. Because there is so much going on everyone has issues selling tickets to every and any type of event.
[–]Kurt BuschApocApollo 3 points  
An episode of tosh.0 was filmed there and X Games 2013 was partially held there.
[–]Earnhardt, Sr.blamethedogs 17 points  
Wow, I don't even know what to say. Such a shame.
[–]Gordonnascar_geek 15 points  
[–]Jeffrey EarnhardtUserofnames33 7 points  
That's really sad to hear
[–]BayneMisterMagorium 5 points  
When is the final race supposed to be?
I'm shocked that the Busch Series and/or Trucks didn't run at Irwindale when it first opened. Seems like the perfect short track to run those series back in the day, even if they only ran it for a few years.
I know the ASA ran there in 2001, but did the K&N series do the same?
[–]Jimmie JohnsonMouse_for_life 3 points  
K&N has their all-star combined east west race there before it shut down the first time
[–]ByronMichaelblack18 5 points  
Darn,sad to finally see it go after years of fighting so hard against it being torn down for an outlet mall. there's many great articles about trying to keep this open barely like texas world speedway.
[–]Kyle BuschCuCl2 6 points  
It's so sad to hear that Martin Truex Jr's home track is closing down :(
[–]Kurt BuschArizonaIcedOutBoys 2 points  
Rest in peace House of Drift.
[–]DiBenedettoKBSucks 2 points  
This sucks. Irwindale had EVERYTHING. Drift cars, you name it. Such a shame.
[–]Larsonmattbubb 2 points  
...I'm lived less than an hour away for 4 years now and have never been there...better go before they shut er down...
[–]GordonWyldeone1978 1 point  
Went there in 2005 as part if my one man trip to the USA (LA and Vegas) It was my first experience of motorsport outside of TV. Was my first step to being a NASCAR fan. Loved it. Was slightly hampered by someone collapsing behind me in the stands (heart attack I think).
[–]HamlinItsDennyTime11 1 point  
Holy shit