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January 27, 2011

Faceless, Lost Canadians on Drugs

Who seriously cares about the Oprah network? I refuse to buy into the shill of a woman.
How far do we go in accommodating the underground economy?

Niagara's school for low income students whose parents do not have a secondary degree. The poor schools. Massaging the system for kids from lower income families. This reflects a certain prejudice within the education system. Close the learning gap? Ghetto-izing people. Special protected enclaves within the education system. Its all about intellectual capacity. Forcing the stigma onto the students who will attend "the poor school". Education is social work. This is a disgustingly progressive move. The board in Niagara is liberal with a lot of time on its hands. Playing the social experiment. These poor kids don't even know what they are in for, shame on the system. The school infrastructure we already have is already built to accommodate anything a child could need, so why get into setting up a new system? Set the bar up lower, and we will get to our goals faster. "You are this kind of person, and you will develop into this direction." This is just like social housing, concentrating different people all into one little place.

Hamilton police Constable Perry Mason has worked in schools for the last seven of his 31-year career. Bullying is something he deals with almost daily. What he sees is cruel, sometimes violent and often chronic. Cyber bullying is increasingly common – Mason calls it “keyboard courage.” I wonder what Mason will call it when facebook, twitter, tumblr and youtube go down, and the kids finally take it too the streets? You only won the "war on graffiti" because all the kids are inside nowadays playing their xboxs and smoking pot;

You know the Mcqueenston kids arent 16 no more, boot them out already. Don't worry, you won't gotta go toe to toe with any  "OC thugs" that don't exist. Or do they? Is Hamilton Housing really a collection of trap houses with low income families selling crack out of their town house units? Or just a big trap of people on welfare and disability along with their 19 year old kids still in high school, keeping them in housing. Popping out another kid to stay in. What are your priorities Constable? Are you going to chase me on the internet or turn attention to real crime in the streets? I'm all for boosting our community out, but forget the kids. Fight crack, because you know that is what has destroyed our social demographic.

Toronto and its 74 schools, installing TV's in the hallways displaying certain advertisements.
Teenagers don't understand that they wear uniforms to shield every type of cooperate logo that is plastered all over their sweatshirts and clothing. Government monopoly on our childrens minds, the corporate world needs to come in perhaps and kick these liberal text book writers out. Propaganda disguised as education. We are being besieged by the education system.

man with the golden voice chewed up by media moguls like doctor phil. Doctor lost a patient, Ted Williams walked out on him. How cynical to play out homeless people this way. Doctor Phil the Redeemer. I wonder what talents other homeless people have? Personal responsibility, will power instead of apologist, "devil made me do it". No thank you doctor Phil.

People seeing instant replays on television, calling it in and getting championships taken away.

By 2030 the Muslim population will triple in Canada, making up 6.6% of the population.

They need a Muslim Cosby to show us that not all Muslims are "Terrorists" as the media agenda has taught us. Little mosque on the prairie, the perfect outcome where people want to prosper with their neighbors in Saskatchewan.

How many box tops do you have to send in to become a colonel anyways?

The death of the west; Racist and bigots. Insist on cultural values and rights, what i'm perceiving to be a numbers threat. Will our enemies integrate with us? I doubt it. There is no seamless integration into Canadian society.

God help us all. Every last one.