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January 18, 2011

Religion in 2011

A god is never going to be proven or disproven. To religious people the only evidence they have is faith, and the longer we go without "proof" the more pressure there will be to prove it or leave it.

The pull away from religion is going to be greater than the pull towards it, considering almost all events in the world show more the disproval of god. (wars, gencide, etc. i mean either A god lets you go through that shit, and if so why follow it? or B, he doesnt exist) Give it a little while for the idea of atheism to settle in as something more justifiable than religion and not just some new fad, and more people will begin to see it as a more liekly belief rather than dismiss it without consideration.

New generations will grow up understanding that "some people dont believe in god's, and that is ok" and you'll be surprised how many people will then be more comfortable about it, and therefore more likely to explore the idea. It's just going to snowball from there.