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January 21, 2018

22 year old social influencer tries for a free hotel room, owner shuts her down

-22 year old instagram girl emails hotel owner - wants a free stay in exhange for social media exposure
-hotel owner informs her the hotel has more followers than her, so **** yourself
-hotel owner posts emails and response, keeping all her info private
-she posts video response (outing herself, wtf?) saying he bullied her and shamed her
-got a lot of likes and responses
-peoples comments attack the hotel owner and defend the girl
-hotel owner bans all bloggers from him premises

full story:

hotel owners response + her original email to him:


December 10, 2010

Think Your The Only One Who Hates Social Media?

No you are not.

I happen to miss MySpace. MySpace wasn’t prefect but it inspired people to be creative do to how much people could customize their profiles (though some sucked and caused browsers to crash). If it weren’t for MySpace me and many others wouldn’t have become interested in web design. MySpace was also the place to meet new people from around the world. Facebook isn’t like that. Facebook is simply for people to talk with the people they know personally. It’s hard to meet new people and spread knowledge, plus the pages all look the same.

I think Murdoch ruined MySpace on purpose because people were becoming too individualistic and being exposed to too much information. The same goes for pre-Google YouTube. Facebook on the other hand ensures that people stay on the internet just to talk to people they could easily meet up with in person instead of using that internet time to meet new people from around the world and learn new things.

I find it funny that as Facebook became “the thing” people became dumber.

As far as Twitter is concerned I also think it’s stupid. “Hey isn’t typing a whole paragraph too much work for your fluoridated brain with that rap crap beating in the background? why not further reduce your attention span with MICROblogging”.