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October 18, 2018

Stock Trading 10 Rules

Don’t worry about the day to day. 
Focus on doing your homework, 
Your Project today is:
#1) do your due dillegence
#2) understand the behavior in the market
#3) choose only companies that have executable and excellent business plans
#3) determine your maximum loss or gain % (IMPORTANT!!!]
#4) decide your entry point.
#5) be ready to go with your ENTRY PLAN and execute
#6) be ready to go with your EXIT PLAN (stop loss or whatching likes a hawk, your choice)
#7) Open your mind to daily market swings, for whatever reason....
#8) monitor your stock, any news, and sentiment pertaining to your stock or market in general
#9) solicit  your exit plan, mentally or on paper
#10) STAY WITH YOUR PLAN! DO NOT WAIVER. (This is when “wavering” from the plan can cost you big $$$$.

AFI Stock

QcTrader October 09, 2018 06:59 am

with all due respect..... do you really believe a single word of what you just said?
I mean seriously? 
Ive been following AFI for a long time. to be honest, i was a strong believer back in 2014. the Nick ties with tobacco sounded like music to a newbie ears. the vertical growing sounded like we were about to grow marijuana on the moon. 
The coming out party (roof top garden) wasnt what everyone was expecting. 
The amazing AFI board filled with high-end doctors from all over the world.....ended up not doing anything. that Indian doctor (cant remember the name) he simply dissapeared.... 
The USA ventures, from inhouse testing labs, to clinical trials, to this and that...... well that simply dissapeared over time. not a word from anything. 
The washington facility never happened..... 
Obviously Nick had a few rabbits in his hat, decided to bring in some heavy weight First Nations.....after all..... Nicky wife is first nations lol.  
and again.... it was all a smoke show.
Well Nick decided.......... OK, i guess i lost the credibility..... lets step down from CEO position just to gain back a few cents on the stock price lol. 

well that worked...... and then Nicky decided to come back lol. 

2017 was very entertaining. first Nicky was warning everyone about the marijuana bubble and how Canadian government will get into lawsuits due to health reason and promoting the smoking of marijuana....... blablabla have a look on twitter folks its still up there. 
And then obviously Nicky came back to AFI to pump some marijuana deals that obviously never came to light.... maybe we can give a call to Sam Mellace and ask him about the spinning tower trial dreams lol. 

and then...........boooom no more marijuana........only berries folks........and those berries are mostly getting consumed by Nicky and his family lollll.
Ohhhhhh damnnnnn i forgot to talk about the big bad tobacco deal that we have all been waiting for............ here goes Harry's International  bwahahahahaha 

September 17, 2018

Well there is 5 minutes I will never get back.

face project and hard. My skin is thick enough to handle you.
My response to you stands on its own.
you attack hard and then circle back with endless self self self.
An analysts dream you are. And yes...there are days I wish it was Gilligan’s.
Island. But I am sure you are smart enough to know that you can’t captain an island.
There are certain careers that have that title. Sleuth away. As far as defending yourself goes...
A little pre thought before burning the keyboard could go a very long way. But you already know that.
That is least you are honest about the behavior, once confronted. We deal with this all day long.
Regarding is an utter joke. Most know it and few still have a tough time believing it.
Unless the motives are otherwise.
Do what you have to do and I will do what I do.
keep it civil and mind the personal attacks.
This is not the time to act the way you have been.
You never know who is on the other end of the baseless attacks that can easily be deciphered as hate.