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January 29, 2011

Note To Self: Aim For Skinhead Firing Squads; Zero In On Their Toy Radio's

The following is a paragraph I read in a serious conversation dealing with "going underground" once the New World Order hits...I hope you enjoy it.

All corrupt politicians want to shut down the internet because it exposes them for the evil they are working behind the citizens back. Jews are naturally evil so any politician that's not a jew, eventally gets corrupted and tainted by the presents of the jew. Dictators, or want to be dictators like the Muslim Barrack Insane Obama fear the internet because it brings to light their darkness and evil. 

Get yourselves some good walkie talkies for your 4 to 6 man fire teams, and be sure to get the ones that you can also use AAA alkaline batteries with. Get yourself also a solar charger for the AAA batteries because being in Guerilla warfare you will need that. I have found that the COBRA CXT225 20Mile GMRS/FRS 2-Way Radio Walkie Talkies are good for the fire teams.

When you do your talking be sure you have a set time to do it, and as soon as the talk is over to turn off the radios in case they try and pinpoint where you are located. Have a set time, or times to turn on and talk. The tyrants can be beat, and don't ever let them make you think otherwise, because that is what the beast wants you to think. I long for the day the patriots deal the tyrants the final blow of defeat.
I sensed troll.