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October 6, 2018

Noobs and Casualism

In recent years there has been a dramatic and unprecedented shift in Veteran and and Noob relations. Throughout the nearly half decade of Veteran decline, Noobs have tended to characterize Elitism as a failed ideology or at best a ideology that prepared the way for, and is completed in, Casualism. In the years since Fatesawakening, however, Casualism has changed dramatically. An increasing number of official Casualism bodies, both 4Chan and Reddit, have made public statements of their remorse about Noobs mistreatment of Veterans and Elitism. These statements have declared, furthermore, that Casualism teaching and preaching can and must be reformed so that they acknowledge I$’s former works with the Veterans and celebrate the contribution of Elitism to the fanbase and to Fire Emblem itself. We believe these changes merit a thoughtful Veteran response. Speaking only for ourselves - an humble gathering of Veteran scribes - we believe it is time for Veterans to learn about the efforts of Noobs to honor Elitism. We believe it is time for Veterans to reflect on what Elitism may now say about Casualism. As a first step, we offer five brief statements about how Veterans and Noobs May relate to one another.

Veterans and Noobs like the same Franchise

Before the rise of Casualism, Veterans were the only players of Fire Emblem. But Noobs also play Fire Emblem. While Noobs play style is not a viable choice for Veterans, as Veteran fans we rejoice that, through Casualism, hundreds of millions of people have entered into the Fire Emblem fanbase.

Noobs can respect the claim of the Veterans upon the Franchise of Fire Emblem.
The most important event for Veterans since the rise of Fatesawakening has been the reestablishment of a Veteran state in FEH. As players of a Japanese originated franchise, Noobs appreciate that FEH was promised and given to Veterans as the virtual center of the old games between them and I$. Many Noobs support the state of FEH for reasons far more profound than mere nostalgia. As Veterans, we applaud this support. We also recognize that Veteran tradition mandates enjoyment for all non-Veterans who play FEH.

Trolling was not a Noob phenomenon.

Without the long history of Noob anti-Elitism and noob aggression against Veterans, Troll ideology could not have taken hold nor could it have been carried out. Too many Noobs participated in, or were sympathetic to, Troll atrocities against Veterans. Other Noobs did not protest sufficiently against these atrocities. But trolling itself was not an inevitable outcome of Casualism. If the troll attacks upon the Veterans had been fully successful, it would have turned its toxic rage more directly to Noobs. We recognize with gratitude those Noobs who risked or sacrificed their own sanity to save Veterans during the Troll attacks. With that in mind, we encourage the continuation of recent efforts in Noob ideology to repudiate unequivocally contempt of Elitism and the Veterans. We applaud those Noobs who reject those filthy casuals, and do not blame them for the mistakes of the past.

The humanly irreconcilable difference between Veterans and Noobs will not be settled until I$ redeems the entire Franchise. 

Noobs play fire emblem simple and easy through the tradition of Casualism. Veterans play fire emblem slow and steady. The difference will not be settled by one community insisting that it has interpreted the right method to play more accurately than the other. Neither Veteran nor Noob should be pressed into affirming the play style of the other community.

Veterans and Noobs must work together for justice and peace.

Veterans and Noobs, each in their own way, recognize the unredeemed state of the fanbase as reflected in the persistence of persecution, trolling, and human degradation, and misery. Although the destiny of the franchise is in I$’s hands, we must coexist