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March 18, 2017

you are funding this

40 yr old NEET here.

Mom is watching her soap operas in her bedroom.

I played Skyrim all day with a Khajiit character this time. Super strong two handed warrior, instead of my female Britton magic user.

Went out and got a bacanator burger combo at Wendy's, and a chicken asiago sammich for my mom.

Now, I'm watching Death Note on Netflix on my Kindle fire 7, while watching girls dance to KPop on YouTube on my phone.

Enjoying a milkshake. Vanilla with a chocolate brownie.

Later on I'll read some comics or a book I recently bought, titled, "Guns, Germs and Gun Powder: How Hitler did nothing wrong."

My life is so fucking gooooooooood!

>INB4 Virgin.

Nope. Herpes, divorced and fucked multiple woman in my prime, Thailand ladyboys, anime body pillow.

Life is really fucking great!

What about you guys?

What's your life like?

Canada has a RECORD number of MEXICANS crossing into the country ILLEGALLY!!

A RECORD number of mexicans have been detained at the CANADIAN border in the first 67 days of 2017 than they have ANNUALLY in the last 3 years!!

The spike comes after Canada's Liberal government lifted its visa requirements for Mexican citizens in December.

Many Mexicans are escaping Donald Trump's racist wrath and have shifted north of the border after Trump vowed to crack down and boot undocumented immigrants.

Just this passed Friday, immigration judges were reassigned to 12 US cities to speed up deportation

444 Mexican nationals between Jan 1st to March 8 were detained compared to 410 in all of 2016, 315 in 2015 and 399 in 2014

The Canada Border Services Agency can detain foreign nationals if they feel they pose a danger or if their identity is unclear 

With the visa requirement lifted, all that Mexicans need to come to Canada is an Electronic Travel Authorization, obtainable online in a matter of minutes..but they cannot work without a work permit and doesn't guarantee entry

Canada Immigration and Refugee Minister Ahmed Hussen said they are monitoring the situation as the number of mexicans coming into Canada are rising....

Latin Americans represent the SMALLEST visible minority in Canada as South Asian and Chinese represent the largest.

Canada's population has been on the decline for years as the federal government hopes to boost it's numbers through immigration as the population continues to decline and jobs need to be filled..

Do you feel threatened by immigrants? let's see what people will vote