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December 20, 2010

Eerie Chinese Ghost Cities

Reports of Chinese ghost cities have been trickling in for over a year. Previously, these reports were nothing more than abstract statistics but new images put a very real face on those figures.

Like a cheesy sci-fi flick where the human population has mysteriously vanished, these ghost cities sit eerily vacant while dead leaves collect in unswept and unused foyers. This is not Hollywood’s latest blockbuster but a stark reality.

Finance Asia reports that about 64 million apartments and houses have remained empty over the last 6 months. A truly shocking statistic considering that this figure represents potential housing for roughly 200 million people or almost two-thirds of the population of The United States.

December 10, 2010

Think Your The Only One Who Hates Social Media?

No you are not.

I happen to miss MySpace. MySpace wasn’t prefect but it inspired people to be creative do to how much people could customize their profiles (though some sucked and caused browsers to crash). If it weren’t for MySpace me and many others wouldn’t have become interested in web design. MySpace was also the place to meet new people from around the world. Facebook isn’t like that. Facebook is simply for people to talk with the people they know personally. It’s hard to meet new people and spread knowledge, plus the pages all look the same.

I think Murdoch ruined MySpace on purpose because people were becoming too individualistic and being exposed to too much information. The same goes for pre-Google YouTube. Facebook on the other hand ensures that people stay on the internet just to talk to people they could easily meet up with in person instead of using that internet time to meet new people from around the world and learn new things.

I find it funny that as Facebook became “the thing” people became dumber.

As far as Twitter is concerned I also think it’s stupid. “Hey isn’t typing a whole paragraph too much work for your fluoridated brain with that rap crap beating in the background? why not further reduce your attention span with MICROblogging”.

December 5, 2010

2010 NFL on Fox - It's Good To Have a Ring - Airport

The commercial below features arrogant NFL stars being waved past TSA security as they flash their Super Bowl rings, while “ordinary” passengers are forced to wait in line.

At one point in the commercial Jimmy Johnson– a former coach– sets off a metal detector before the camera focuses on his hips and he displays a sword to the screener in an obvious representation of a phallus. The screener, smiling, compliments him and lets him proceed.
In the final shot the viewer sees a man being held by an agent, stripped down to his underwear while menaced by snarling dogs.

This is insane, anyone who likes this ad just admitted to being a slave.

The rich are better than us, that’s what this commercial is placing in the minds of those who watch it with a calm smile on their faces. I’m so tired of propaganda. It takes true originality to bow before the social engineers in our media. Humanity is losing my respect big time.

Do people want to be enslaved?

To all of you who think this is good, like waking people up. Its NOT! Pure unadulterated conditioning of the mindless public. Proof of conditioning is shown in the last few seconds of the ad. Its set to make the tyrannical freedom stomping incident humorous.

November 20, 2010

freshly written reply too the "my name is john" threads, perfect to cut and paste

John, ordinarily I would have chosen to remain silent; but you seem to have a massive credibility problem here. You don't have the build of an athlete at all. You look just as out of shape as I was at your age. I'm having great difficulty believing that you were the captain of your high school's football team or that you were a starter on the basketball team. You look like you hardly engage in any physical activity at all. Your girlfriend looks far more athletic than you. By the way, over the last 40 years, I've known several guys who played football in high school, two of whom played college football and six of whom are members of my church. They have a lot of dignity; your posts have shown that you have none. You're not fit to kiss their feet.

I also seriously doubt that your girlfriend is real. Even if she were your girlfriend and I were still single and young, I wouldn't envy you at all. The sort of young women you seem to be attracted to are nothing but walking vaginas. That indicates that you have a paucity of values. Just empty inside. Probably the only sex life you've had is the cheapest money can buy. I've always thought that the wholesome look is far more appealing and sexy than the slutty look. If you think you'll find true happiness in the nightclub circuit, you'll eventually be disappointed. You have a godless life that will prove to be totally unfulfilling in the long run. I'd hate to be you on Judgment Day. I was willing to have a serious, respectful dialogue with you; but you're obviously as fake as they come and not worthy or deserving of any serious consideration. As an abusive poster, you're actually quite disappointing. You're about as formidable as your skinny build. You're not even funny. You're just a young punk with an angry look on his face that probably masks a deep hurt inside.

[yes, there will be trolling]

November 15, 2010

Missing Our Urban Pasts

I feel bad for the 10 year old's of the western world that will never know what its like to push a VHS tape into a VCR. The way that the machine slightly rejected the video cassette at first but then vacuumed it up.

Before there was skipping discs, it was the lucky few who had tracking mode on their machines to help get them through that part of the tape they had watched thousands of times.

This then got back too me thinking about my childhood. I thought about the social housing neighborhood where I grew up, my elementary school, teachers and old friends.

I sighed as I paid a friend to drive me back too that area to give it a little checking out.

This enormous field behind the surveys had been taken out completely. Looking at the new highway they built there, you would never tell it was a creek sprawling with life at one time.

Forever destroyed is a passage way that Native Americans probably used for century's.

The basketball court where my babysitter would take me and my friends to sit in a circle every morning too play games is long gone, all the areas where there was playground equipment are now gone, empty patches of grass.

In order to live in this community you need to have kids, so I was really thinking: where are all the kids playing?

Without the playground equipment, huge field, and creeks/ravines, there really is nowhere to play. I dont expect them to play in the Red Hill Expressway. The whole Mcqueenston community has really changed for the worst. It must be pathetic to be a kid living in there nowadays i thought.

Until I realized they were just like me. Inside on their computers and xbox's.

There is no difference between us in class either now that ive moved. It's just easier for them because their rent is throttled and adjusted to their means of work.

The whole area around Lang Street, Hamilton Ontario, looks nothing like it did back in 1998...and its not for the better either.

They are destroying everything one lot at a time. Even Roxborough Park Elementary can't get new grade 1's enrolled in the school because the whole Mcqueenston area is filled with people on welfare and disability with kids who are 19, 20 still going to highschool not yet evicted for the next generation of people to move in.

Its truly flawed.

For anybody who has ever lived in there, lets put it this way:

I was there when the boiler rooms on the side of the townhouses had steel storm doors before these concrete slabs.

November 7, 2010

American Supremacy

you are on an american website on an america made internet on an american computer system that runs an american OS which allows you to run american software so you can download and listen to american music while you watch an american movie in the background as you sit drinking your favorite american carbonated drink thinking of how much you hate americans.

face it, you and everyone else wants to be american.

internet = american (build by the US government in the '70's, thats why we have *.gov & *.mil and you dont. your *.gov.* != a real TLD. www != internet even tho the guy made this one of many protocols used on the internet IN america in '91 and lives and teaches in america)

your computer = american (amd, intel, ibm, hp, dell, cisco, xerox, apple/mac, 3com, 3m, etc. doesnt matter where it was assembled or if you made it yourself. we are getting YOUR check for the parts.)

your OS = american (red hat, gnu(unix/linux), microsoft, osx, etc. again getting your checks.)

software = american (firefox, winamp, anything from google, windows, adobe, wow, etc. again thank you for YOUR money)

music = american (do i really have to list this shit? just goto any music website, there is your list. and no you do not listen to just a handful of artists.)

movie = american (you post pictures on here from our movies & celebrities more than we do)

drink = american (you have to be an idiot to not figure this out, and you dont drink beer all day. derp)

go ahead, reach for the bottom of the bag like saying americans = europeans because then someone can say europeans = albino africans since mankind came from africa. it doesnt negate the fact you want to be american.

October 31, 2010

pre-solutions on bringing down the NWO

Boycotting all globalist corporations, services, products.
grow your own food, produce our own water.
patronize your local farmers (in county).
learn a trade.
trade/barter locally side-stepping income and sales taxes,
take over your local government via elections.
vote in a Constitutional Sheriff,
arm yourself, train with your local now Constitutional sheriff .
replace all the Feds and their B.S. disaster/terrorism “relief” services.

Remember, these people will give us no quarter. We have to implement these strategies en masse to show them we mean business to get them to back down. Then again these people are removed from reality I guess, there is no point trying to predict what they will do.

Speak to the truth, trust no one, boycott these globalist scumbags and every single corporate scam they have going, from Walmart to McDonalds, from Cable TV to the newspaper – boycott all of it – replace it with better things locally.

Go to your farmers market instead of Walmart, grow a garden, learn a trade or die in the streets robbed of your weapon and last scraps of food.

October 26, 2010

LimeWire shut down

Online file-sharing service LimeWire was shut down by a US federal court on Tuesday following a lawsuit filed by the music industry.

Pirate Bay is also shut down.

The move came a little more than five months after a US judge ruled in favour of 13 music companies in a copyright infringement and unfair competition case brought against LimeWire.

The 13 music companies filed their complaint against LimeWire in 2006 and Judge Wood ruled in their favour in May. In June, eight members of the National Music Publishers' Association filed a separate copyright suit against LimeWire. LimeWire software was released in August 2000 and uses peer-to-peer, or P2P, technology to allow users to share music or other files over the Internet.

LimeWire is owned by the Lime Group, a New York-based company.

October 25, 2010

Bypass a Computer Password on All Major Operating Systems

Obviously you shouldn't use this to gain unlawful access to a computer. But here's how you can get onto a computer without the password legally.

But if you're a geek, however, you'll eventually end up in a situation where someone forgets their password, you acquire a machine with an operating system you cannot access, or similar situation. I can't tell you how many times I wondered "how do I get on my computer without the password?" or how many kids had parent blocks they had to bypass by going into the administrators account and turning it off. "hacking the administrators account" was a google trend search term in 2009.
See this tutorial for info on how to bypass the password on the three major operating systems:
Windows, Mac, and Linux.

October 23, 2010

Treasury Needed to Borrow Money to Pay Social Security Benefits

The U.S. Treasury has needed to borrow money to pay Social Security benefits in 15 out of the last 25 months on record because the Social Security system was in deficit in those months, with the cost of monthly benefit payments exceeding the Social Security tax revenues flowing into the Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance trust funds, according to data published by the Social Security Administration.

Because the overall federal budget was in deficit during this entire period, the surplus revenues Social Security earned in the remaining 10 months of the last 25 was used during those months to pay ongoing general government expenses and was not saved to pay future Social Security benefits.

The government gave the Social Security trust funds IOUs for this money.

9/11 Mastermind Invited to Pentagon

Al-Qaeda terror mastermind Anwar Al-Awlaki, the man who helped plot the aborted Christmas Day bombing, the Fort Hood shooting, the Times Square bombing attempt, and who also preached to the alleged September 11 hijackers, dined at the Pentagon just months after 9/11 documents obtained by Fox News show.

 American-born cleric Awlaki’s role as a key figure in almost every recent terror plot targeting the United States and Canada, coupled with his visit to the Pentagon, only confirms our long stated position that Awlaki is a chief terrorist patsy-handler for the CIA – he is the federal government’s premier false flag agent.

“Documents exclusively obtained by Fox News, including an FBI interview conducted after the Fort Hood shooting in November 2009, state that Awlaki was taken to the Pentagon as part of the military’s outreach to the Muslim community in the immediate aftermath of the attacks,” states the report.

Click here to read a portion of the documents.

October 19, 2010

Canadian colonel pleads guilty to murders, sex crimes

The disgraced commander of Canada's largest air force base pleaded guilty Monday to 86 lurid crimes, including two murders, two sexual assaults and dozens of burglaries at women's homes.

Colonel Russell Williams, 47, a married pilot who once flew the jet used to ferry Canada's prime minister as well as the British royal family on a visit, displayed no emotion as he admitted to his crimes in a Belleville, Ontario courtroom.

He faces life in prison, with no possibility of parole for at least 25 years.

Police arrested Williams in February for the disappearance and death of a 27-year-old woman last heard from the previous month. He was caught when the tire treads of his vehicle were matched at a police roadside checkpoint to tracks at the crime scene.

Williams was later charged with the murder of a female corporal under his command at the Trenton military base in November, as well as in two home invasions in which two women were confined and sexually assaulted.

He was also charged with an additional 82 counts of break-and-enter and attempted break-and-enter in Ottawa, Belleville, and a third locality, Tweed.

A stash of women's undergarments taken by police from Williams' Ottawa residence were linked to burglaries near his home and job.

An agreed statement of facts read out in court traced the escalation of his offences that culminated in two sexual assaults and two murders.
"Given the seriousness of charges, it's important for the court to have a full account of the facts," said prosecutor Lee Burgess. "These facts will be extremely disturbing."

The court was shown photographs -- recovered from Williams' computer -- of him wearing the stolen undergarments in his victims' bedrooms and masturbating. Some of the undergarments belonged to young girls.

The stolen lingerie was meticulously categorized and stored in bags and boxes discovered at his Ottawa home, which he shared with is wife of 19 years. The court heard that he periodically disposed of his loot when he had accumulated too much.

Dressed in a dark suit and grey button-down shirt, Williams responded to each charge: "Guilty, your honour."
The court heard that only 17 homeowners had reported their homes had been broken into, while 61 others went undetected prior to Williams' arrest and confession to police.

Most of the break-ins occurred at night, and at least once while he appeared to be in his military uniform.
Williams had commanded Canada's busiest air force base, the 437 Squadron in Trenton, east of Toronto, for more than a year prior to his arrest. Previously he was in charge of Canada's secretive Camp Mirage in Dubai.

While in prison, he attempted suicide and held a hunger strike, but cooperated fully with investigators.

October 17, 2010

G20 Officer Sues YouTube and Users

When he first saw a video of a Toronto constable threatening to arrest a G20 protester for blowing bubbles, one YouTube user was so livid, he couldn’t stop writing comments.

In fact, the man, who uses the alias “theforcebewithme,” can’t even remember writing the specific comment that now has him defending a $1.2 million defamation lawsuit launched by Toronto’s now notorious “Officer Bubbles.”

Const. Adam Josephs seeks to compel the Google-owned YouTube to reveal the identity of the person who created and posted the videos as well as any information it has on the 24 other users who made allegedly defamatory remarks.

The thing I do like about the Canadian system is that (much like the U.K.), the losing participant in Canadian lawsuits not only have to pay their own legal fees, but the court may order them to pay the winner’s bills as well !! This is done, in order to cut out the millions of “frivolous” lawsuits that still tie up American courts.

This will be considered “frivolous”, and “Officer Bubbles” is going to have to pay for Youtubes army of lawers, and their travel expences to Canada. I hope you like working for free for the next 20 years Bubbles.

October 10, 2010

Fictionally, Lets Break It Down:

Snowball, also known as Snowball I, was the Simpsons' first cat. Her death is never seen in the actual series, since it occurred "before" the show's continuity began. She was first mentioned in the series premiere in a Christmas letter Marge is writing where she explains that Snowball I had died that year. Snowball was so-named due to her white-colored fur, though in a few occasions in the series Snowball I is pictured similar to Snowball II.

In "Treehouse of Horror III", a picture of Snowball I (as a black cat) is shown with the words "1988-90" underneath and Lisa says "she died four years ago tonight" (although that particular episode aired in 1992). In a song Homer wrote for Lisa, he says her cat died on Christmas Eve. Snowball was, according to Lisa in a poem, run over by a Chrysler. At a later point it emerged that Snowball was run over by Mayor Quimby's beer swilling brother, Clovis. Although the Sunday school teacher, Mrs. Albright, tells Lisa that Snowball cannot go to Heaven, this proves to be wrong as Snowball has been seen in heaven by characters who have undergone near-death experiences, including Bart, and sometimes in flashback sequences. Due to election forgery, Snowball was listed as posthumously voting for Sideshow Bob. Snowball also appears in "Bart gets hit by a car" where Snowball is run over by a car.

She is briefly mentioned in "Treehouse of Horror XIV" when Homer kills Death in revenge for her death as well as that of John F. Kennedy. She is also seen in the episode "Lisa's Sax", and in the episode "And Maggie Makes Three".

October 9, 2010

Government Seizes Newborn Baby Over Political Beliefs Of Parents

A newborn baby was ripped from its mother’s arms by officials from the New Hampshire Division of Family Child Services accompanied by police after authorities cited the parents’ association with the Oath Keepers organization as one of the primary reasons for the snatch, heralding a shocking new level of persecution where Americans’ political beliefs are now being used by the state to kidnap children.

Below: Excerpts of State of New Hampshire documents concerning the case. Note: full documents withheld to ensure family privacy.

Note: the following is from a separate document and not part of the above document.

What was supposed to be one of the most joyous occasions of their lives turned into a nightmare for John Irish and Stephanie Janvrin, after they were told by The Director of Security and the Head Nurse at Concord Hospital that their baby would be taken to be checked by the hospital pediatrician.
“They lied to us – they got us to allow them to take our daughter under false pretenses, we didn’t even have a choice,” said Irish.

When Irish tried to stop his daughter being taken, the baby was immediately wheeled out in a bassinet, after which Irish saw three men in suits accompanied by uniformed police officers as well as detectives and social workers. who proceeded to try to search Irish.

“They forced me to stand up, held my hands behind my back and patted me down,” said Irish, before police told him they were taking the baby.

“My fiancĂ© didn’t even get any time to bond with the baby – they came in and stole our child,” said Irish. The parents were given a couple of minutes with their daughter before being forced by police to leave the hospital. Irish was subsequently told that a “security officer” would follow his every move.
The affidavit in support of the decision to take the child, which has been verified by Oath Keepers, states, “The Division became aware and confirmed that Mr. Irish associated with a militia known as the Oath Keepers,” confirming that political beliefs were, amongst other reasons, one of the primary factors behind the snatching of the baby.

Even if the additional reasons cited in the affidavit, which are unproven at this time, could be considered sufficient reason for the state to take the baby, the fact that political affiliations were even mentioned is a frightening indictment of how far the government’s war on Americans who dissent against authority has advanced.

“Regardless of the other allegations, it is utterly unconstitutional for government agencies to list Mr. Irish’s association with Oath Keepers in an affidavit in support of a child abuse order to remove his daughter from his custody.” writes Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes. “Talk about chilling speech! If this is allowed to continue, it will chill the speech of not just Mr. Irish, but all Oath Keepers and it will serve as the camel under the tent for other associations being considered too risky for parents to dare. Thus, it serves to chill the speech of all of us, in any group we belong to that “officials” may not approve of. Don’t you dare associate with such and such group, or you could be on “the list” and then child protective services might come take your kids.”

The parents were not even full members of the Oath Keepers organization, they were merely on a discussion list related to the group. This makes the case even more shocking – you don’t even have to be directly associated with a group that the government deems to be a “militia” to have your baby stolen – you merely have to be involved in online discussions of issues relating to the constitution and freedom in America.

Irish’s father’s web page clearly states that he supports a “NON-violent, law abiding gathering of like minded Patriots,” and that he is “AGAINST ANY acts of violence or illegal activity.”
“The Sons of Liberty Riders does not endorse or tolerate radical, extreme, violent or racial postings,” states the website.

The Oath Keepers organization is not a “militia,” as the affidavit claims, it is merely a loose network of current and former military and law enforcement professionals who have sworn not to obey unconstitutional orders such as gun confiscation, warrantless searches and mass internment of Americans. The group is committed to non-violence.

If this case is allowed to stand it opens up a hellish future for free speech and political discourse in America. If parents live in fear of having their children stolen by the state because they criticize the government, the United States can rank itself amongst the worst dictatorships in history who invoked the threat of taking people’s children if they spoke out against tyranny.

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes has announced that a legal defense fund will be created to help Irish, and that the organization, “will actively pursue aggressive legal remedy and redress.”
“We will assist in locating competent local legal counsel in New Hampshire and additional expert legal counsel from around the country in First Amendment and child custody law,” wrote Stewart on the Oath Keepers website.

“There can be no freedom of speech, no freedom of association, no freedom to even open your mouth and “speak truth to power,” no freedom AT ALL, if your children can be black bagged and stolen from you because of your political speech and associations — because you simply dare to express your love of country, and dare to express your solidarity and fellowship with other citizens and with active duty and retired military and police who simply pledge to honor their oath and obey the Constitution. It was to prevent just such outrageous content based persecution of political dissidents that our First Amendment was written.”

We join with the Oath Keepers organization in asking people to flood the relevant organizations with calls and emails demanding the release of the baby. Please be polite.

Contact New Hampshire DCWY
Telephone (603) 271-4711
Toll Free Number (800) 852-3345
Fax Number (603) 271-4729
Email: Click here to email.

Contact Concord Hospital
(603) 225-2711
Toll Free Instate: (800) 327-0464
Email: Click here to email.

October 7, 2010

New Yorkers’ Income Falls for 1st Time in 70 Years

The recession put a 3.1 percent dent in the personal incomes of New York state residents, who endured their first full-year decline in more than 70 years, according to a report released Tuesday.

Paychecks or net earnings tumbled 5.4 percent, while dividends, interest and rent slid 8.4 percent, to a grand total of nearly $908 billion, the state comptroller’s report said.

Not only did New Yorkers’ personal incomes fall “almost twice” as much as they did in the nation as a whole, but they have yet to recover to pre-recession levels, Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said.

October 6, 2010

Congressman Introduces Bill to Force Obama to Deploy at Least 10,000 National Guardsmen at Mexican Border

Rep. Ted Poe (R.-Texas), who served for 30 years as a Texas prosecutor and judge before being elected to Congress, introduced legislation last week designed to force President Barack Obama to deploy a minimum of 10,000 National Guard troops at the U.S. Mexico border for the specific purpose of patrolling the border and intercepting aliens and smugglers attempting to cross illegally into the United States.

The legislation would allow the president to deploy more than 10,000 National Guardsmen, but not fewer, and would leave the National Guard troops under the supervision of the governor in the border state where they are deployed.

“The president could put more than that, but he must put 10,000,” Poe told “The uniqueness of this is they would be paid by the federal government, because everybody says it is the responsibility of the federal government to protect the border. So the federal government will use the resources it already has to pay for those 10,000 National Guard troops, but they will be supervised by the governors of the four states on the border.”

New Voting Machines Easily Hacked

Last week, the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics opened a new Internet-based voting system for a weeklong test period, inviting computer experts from all corners to prod its vulnerabilities in the spirit of “give it your best shot.” Well, the hackers gave it their best shot — and midday Friday, the trial period was suspended, with the board citing “usability issues brought to our attention.”

Here’s one of those issues: After casting a vote, according to test observers, the Web site played “Hail to the Victors” — the University of Michigan fight song.

Stenbjorn said a Michigan professor whom the board has been working with on the project had "unleashed his students" during the test period, and one succeeded in infiltrating the system.

The fight song is a symptom of deeper vulnerabilities, says Jeremy Epstein, a computer scientist working with the Common Cause good-government nonprofit on online voting issues. "In order to do that, they had to be able to change anything they wanted on the Web site," Epstein said.

Because of the hack, Stenbjorn said Monday, a portion of the Internet voting pilot -- which was expected to be rolled out this month -- is being temporarily scrapped.

The program, called "digital vote by mail," is intended to allow military or overseas voters to cast secure absentee ballots without having to worry whether the mail would get them back to elections officials before final counting. Those voters, about 900 of them, still will be able to receive blank ballots via the Internet for the Nov. 2 general election, but they will not be allowed to submit their completed ballots via the DVM system, Stenbjorn says. Instead, they'll have to put them in the mail or send them unsecured via e-mail or fax.

Stenbjorn says he hopes that the Web-voting system's security vulnerabilities will be addressed in time for a D.C. Council special election expected next spring. The board has spent about $300,000 in federal grant money on the project.

A D.C. Council hearing on elections issues, which will include the Internet voting test, is set for Friday.

Iran Say it Has Captured “Western Spies” Involved in Nuclear Cyberattack

Late last month it was revealed that Iran’s first nuclear plant underwent a shocking and sophisticated cyberattack which was designed to break its fuel enrichment centrifuges. The Stuxnet worm reportedly succeeded in temporarily hindering plant operations, infecting hundreds of plant computers. However, the worm turned out to be overly virulent, spreading to thousands of other plant computers worldwide and drawing attention. Israel is suspected of the attack, according to a senior source quoted in a report by The New York Times.

Now Iran’s intelligence minister, Heydar Moslehi, who accused western “spy services” of the attack, has claimed on Iranian state television and the Mehr news service that his forces had captured “several spies”.

He accused western nations (presumably the U.S. and Europe) of engaging in “destructive activities of the arrogance in cyberspace”.

October 5, 2010

Life in Prison for Would-Be Times Square Bomber

Faisal Shahzad, who pleaded guilty to trying to blow up a sport utility vehicle carrying a homemade bomb in May in Times Square, thick with Saturday visitors, was sentenced on Tuesday morning to spend the rest of his life in prison. Remaining defiant, and smirking as the sentence was read, he told the court: “Brace yourselves, because the war with Muslims has just begun.”

He later continued: “The defeat of the U.S. is imminent and will happen in the near future.”

Mr. Shahzad, 30, was sentenced by Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum in Federal District Court in Manhattan. As those filling the courtroom listened, she told Mr. Shahzad, “You are a young man, and you will have a lot of time to reflect about what you have said today, and what you have done.”

CCTV site Internet Eyes hopes to help catch criminals

A website which pays the public to monitor live commercial CCTV footage online has been launched in Devon. Internet Eyes will pay up to £1,000 to subscribers who regularly report suspicious activity such as shoplifting. Managing director Tony Morgan said the scheme would reduce crime and help prevent other anti-social behaviour.

But civil liberties campaigners say the idea is "distasteful" and encourages private citizens to spy on each other. The private company intends to stream live footage to subscribers' home computers from CCTV cameras installed in streets, shops and other businesses.

Mr Morgan said: "The subscribers will have access to four screens at the same time and if they see anything suspicious, they can press the 'alert' button. This then sends an instant text and picture message to the shop assistant or manager - who then makes the decision about what action to take."

He said more than 13,000 people had indicated their interest in the project but he expected more people to join "once they had something to watch".

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has allowed the company to launch its beta site after it agreed to a number of changes, including only allowing subscribers aged 18 and over to access the site.

CCTV's Charles Farrier called the scheme a "profit-making gimmick" and told the BBC he feared that people would take copies of the livestream and upload them to file-sharing networks.

He added this is encouraging a growing trend of citizen spies. If people are so concerned about crime, they should contact the police.

Although the CCTV cameras are based in stores across the UK, the rewards are open to anyone from the European Union who is registered with the site.

"They are hiding behind computer screens and willing crime to happen so they get a prize. It is a game."

One subscriber, Paul from Hammersmith, told the BBC News website he thought it was his civic duty to sign up.

October 4, 2010

Utah residents fear ‘Israeli art students’ prying into NSA data center

A local ABC affiliate in Salt Lake City, Utah has caused a stir online with a report suggesting that self-proclaimed Israeli art students, peddling their artwork from door to door, have been asking disturbing questions about plans to build an NSA data center in the area.

"These salespeople say they're Israeli students," ABC4 reporter Brent Hunsaker explained. "They even produce Israeli passports. They say they're selling their own artwork to raise money to open a gallery. So why would the Israeli art students want to know about the National Security Agency?"

According to Hunsaker, warnings about the students are being spread through blogs and church bulletins. One bulletin sent out to Mormon women even claimed that "federal law enforcement groups are actually investigating their ties to organized crime and terrorist groups."

The basis for the suspicions goes back to 2002, when a lengthy article at Salon described how Drug Enforcement Agency field offices were reporting that "young Israelis claiming to be art students and offering artwork for sale had been attempting to penetrate DEA offices for over a year. The Israelis had also attempted to penetrate the offices of other law enforcement and Department of Defense agencies."

October 3, 2010

Feds Use Pre-Crime To Target Disgruntled Veterans

The government seems to be obsessed with targeting disgruntled veterans with pre-crime and other unconstitutional forms of surveillance, demonization and harassment, the latest example being an Orwellian software program that purports to identify potential terrorists by analyzing the tone of phone conversations and emails to detect “resentment toward government”.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Mind Machine Project, which is currently being demonstrated to law enforcement officials around the country, is primarily aimed at weeding out ‘troubled veterans’ who may be planning to commit terrorist bombings or political assassinations, by illegally wiretapping their phone calls and Internet communications in order to build psychological profiles.

While the CIA blocks a lawsuit brought by veterans concerning illegal experiments on troops between the 50’s and 70’s, and while police officers beat those same veterans nearly to death, the authorities continue to make vets the number one domestic target of the war on terror, a sobering reminder of the fact that the feds have identified the American people as their main enemy and are now focusing the vast and expanding force of big government against those who have considered themselves patriots for their entire lives.

October 2, 2010

Bin Laden: A Boogieman Designed to Perpetuate a Phony War on Terror

As David Ray Griffin notes, the phantom Osama is perpetually recycled to justify a war on terror designed to encompass a perpetually expanding array of targets. “Obama has appealed regularly to… intelligence estimates, which have invariably claimed that bin Laden is hiding in Pakistan, somewhere along its border with Pakistan. This claim has been used to justify the extension of US military activity into Pakistan,” Griffin wrote last October. The “fake bin Laden tapes appear to be simply one part of an extensive propaganda operation, in which the US military intelligence is using tax dollars – illegally – to propagandize the American public, with the aim of furthering the militarization of America and its foreign policy.”

Earlier this year, the CIA admitted “creating a fake video in which intelligence officers dressed up as Osama Bin Laden and his cronies in an effort to defame the terrorist leader,” Paul Jospeh Watson wrote on May 25. “This latest revelation bolsters evidence that the intelligence agencies, and perhaps more significantly, the military have been engaged in creating fake Bin Laden videos in the past.”

It is said Osama no longer produces video tapes because they may reveal his whereabouts. “Over recent years, bin Laden has issued audio tapes but no videos, after it emerged that the CIA was trying to identify where he was hiding by looking at the vegetation in videos he had released. In more than 30 audio and video tapes, he has warned European countries and the US about attacks and praised previous ones, although he has never talked of a preferred method,” reports the Telegraph.

Bin Laden Died in December, 2001
Osama bin Laden “died a peaceful death due to an untreated lung complication” in December, 2001, according to a report carried by none other than Fox News. The FBI, former Pakistan dictator Musharraf, Afghan puppet leader Hamid Karzai, Israeli intelligence, the late Benazir Bhutto, and many others have said Osama bin Laden is dead.

Climate Cult Indoctrinating Our Kids With Depraved Death Wish

An entire generation is being brainwashed by eco-fascists who think like serial killers.

A new climate change infomercial released by a prominent global warming activist organization depicts children being assassinated for not reducing their carbon footprint, as AGW skeptics are grotesquely blown up with innards and blood splattering everywhere, a frightening reminder of the fact that the environmental agenda is merely a veil for a hideous religion of death, and that the vehemently discredited and increasingly desperate global warming movement is in the last death throws of its existence.

This sickening ad is not only a direct threat to climate skeptics, it is a harrowing insight into the deeply disturbed, serial killer-like psychological profile of prominent environmentalists, who routinely promote draconian methods of soft-kill genocide in the name of population reduction.

The clip depicts a school teacher brainwashing kids into reducing their carbon footprint. The two dissenting children are instantly assassinated in an explosion of blood and guts.

 Entitled “No Pressure,” the clip begins by showing a teacher brainwashing children about CO2 emissions, before blowing up two kids who do not go along with the mantra and refuse to lower their “carbon footprint”.

Climate skeptics are liquidated and their bodies horribly ripped apart for having the temerity to hold a different viewpoint, in scenes that wouldn’t look out of place in the most stomach-churning horror movie.

Stunned by the massive backlash the video has generated in just the first few hours of its release, the organization behind the stunt, 10:10 Global (email them), pulled the clip from their own website.

“Sorry, we’ve taken this video down for now. More info coming very soon,” reads the text on the page where the video formerly appeared.

10:10 Global is funded in part by taxpayer money through government bodies. As James Delingpole points out, “The 10:10 Campaign is supported by: ActionAid (Govt of UK 2nd largest funder in 2009); The Carbon Trust (surely #1 on the list of quangos-to-go); The Energy Saving Trust.”

This is all part of a UN-mandated program to brainwash an entire generation into believing that humanity itself is the enemy, conforming to the Club of Rome’s “First Global Revolution” decree, during which is was agreed upon that global warming would be manufactured as a tool of social control and population reduction.
 Our children are being targeted by the bloodthirsty global warming cult for indoctrination and brainwashing – warping their minds from an early age, turning them against their parents and encouraging them to act upon a death wish, while discouraging them from having children of their own in future.

Despite the fact that 10:10 Global has apologized for the video and removed it from their website, this controversy is not going to go away. editor Steve Milloy has issued a press release calling on Sony, one of 10:10 Global’s partners, to publicly distance itself from the organization.

“Sony Corporation is listed on as a supporting organization. Does Sony condone the advocacy of violence in the climate public policy debate?” asks Milloy.

This film, along with the subsequent backlash and humiliating capitulation of 10:10 Global, represents one of the final nails in the coffin of the flailing and desperate global warming propaganda machine.

October 1, 2010

One in 28 US kids has a parent in prison

The US’s exceptionally high rate of incarceration is causing economic damage not only to the people behind bars but to their children and taxpayers as a whole, a new study finds.

The study from the Pew Research Center’s Economic Mobility Project, released Tuesday, reports that the US prison population has more than quadrupled since 1980, from 500,000 to 2.3 million, making the US’s incarceration rate the highest in the world, beating former champions like Russia and South Africa.

This means more than one in 100 Americans is in prison, and the cost of prisons to states now exceeds $50 billion per year, or one in every 15 state dollars spent — a figure the study describes as “staggering.”

Robert Gates: ‘We’re Not Ever Leaving’ Afghanistan

In a shocking indication of a split between the White House and the Pentagon over the war in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Robert Gates believes that the U.S. military will never leave the war-torn country.

During a dinner hosted by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for Afghan President Hamid Karzai in May, Gates reminded the group that he still feels guilty for his role in the first President Bush’s decision to pull out of Afghanistan after the Soviet withdrawal in 1989, according to Bob Woodward’s new book, “Obama’s Wars.”

And to express his commitment to not letting down the country again, he emphasized:
“We’re not leaving Afghanistan prematurely,” Gates finally said. “In fact, we’re not ever leaving at all."

Either paid provocateurs, or some really lost, pathetically clueless people.

September 27, 2010

Kim Jong Il of North Korea May be About to Name His Successor

North Korea says it will hold its biggest political meeting in a generation, amid speculation that leader Kim Jong Il is about to name his younger son as successor – a move that would take the Kim dynasty into a third generation.

The country’s ruling communist party is to meet in Pyongyang on September 28 to elect its supreme leadership board. North Korea’s KCNA news agency carried a statement early today calling the Workers’ Party meeting “historic.”

At the conference, the party is widely expected to promote Kim’s third and youngest son, Kim Jong Un, to an important position to pave the way for the succession of the self-styled Dear Leader.

September 25, 2010

Obama's Illegal Immigrant Aunt Says That: "You Have The Obligation to Make Me a Citizen"

The link to the CBS evening news report can be found here.

Zeituni Onyango's arrogance and contempt for America is breathtaking. She came illegally, lived in public housing for years, collected welfare, even got $51k in disability, and still she is angry at America.

This case is beyond depressing. It underlines what many people see today: that in the old days, immigrants came to America to lend a hand to our growing nation. But far too many today merely come for a handout.

 Their arrogance and sense of entitlement is a symptom of the broken borders and lawlessness we have permitted, which lets anybody in, asks nothing of them, and gives charity to the lazy while so many deserving citizens are forgotten. President Obama's Aunt, whom he spoke lovingly about in his book, STILL does not work, STILL receives disability, still claims to have "no money".

Obama’s estranged aunt moved to the United States in 2000 and applied for asylum in 2002. Her request was rejected and she was ordered deported in 2004. She did not leave the country and continued to live in public housing in Boston.

September 23, 2010

After spending $300 on grocerys, the customer is always within his right.

So I was at my local grocery store here in Texas where the high was 105 degrees. I buy nearly $300 worth of groceries. Big items too. I'm talking huge bags of dog food, cases of water, soda, shit like that. I go to a check stand where I notice an elderly woman is sacking the groceries. She had to have been at least in her 70's and she was probably the only bagger there at the time. I tell her to pack as much as she can into the bags. I also requested paper which is a little harder to carry cause there aren't any handles on paper bags. So after about what seemed like 15 minutes, the old bat finally finishes sacking the groceries and putting them back into the basket. As a common courtesy, the cashier asks if I'd like someone to carry my groceries out to my car. She probably assumed I would say no since the only person available for such a task already had one leg in the grave.


The cashier looked at me in complete disbelief after I requested a carryout. So the nice elderly lady begins pushing the 700 lbs. cart as I quickly walk back to my truck. Did I mention the parking lot is at an uphill slant? I look around and witness the disbelief in the faces of the other patrons as they watch me walk in front of this poor old lady who couldn't have weighed more than 85 lbs. soaking wet, pushing my cart up hill in the blistering Texas heat.

So as soon as she gets to my truck, I hop in and start the car and blast the AC. I guess I should also mention that my truck is nearly five feet off the ground. So after about, I don't know, 20 minutes, she finally finishes loading my truck up with my groceries. She goes to tap on my window to let me know that she's finished. I politely nod and quickly back out and speed off into the sunset as I lol my way home. Felt good, man.

September 22, 2010

Going for my second penis inspection this month...

First was for college, the second one is for my part time job.

Most places don't have penis inspections anymore, but if you're unlucky enough to live where they still do them, there really isn't anything you can do to get ready for it.

The guy has you drop your pants, and usually checks your balls first for lumps and whatnot. He doesn't have to squeeze very hard to do this, but sometimes they do, just to be mean. Cold hands are also very common. He'll wear gloves, unless he's a fag.

Then a visual inspection of your penis, looking for lesions, warts, anything indicative of an STD. You'll probably be fine there, virginfag.

The worst part comes at the end, with the glass tube going up your urethra. I think they're using some kind of plastic now, which is much safer, but it still hurts like hell. Once he pulls it out and wipes a swab with it, you're done. They send the sample off somewhere and if you don't hear anything back within a week or so, you've passed.

Good luck, and remember not to cry. That really makes you look like a pussy.

President Ahmedinejad Threatens U.S. With War ‘Without Boundaries’

Interesting to see Ahmedinejad on the Morning show on ABC saying “Osama Bin Laden is in Washington DC”. He also said Bin Laden was a colleague of George W. Bush. Is it just me or does it seem like Ahmedinejad is more honest with us than our own Elite rulers?

I think Ahmedinejad must be intelectually challenged. Does he understand the psyche of the American People? You threaten us, we tend to rally around a fake charge. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad warned the Obama administration today that if Iran’s nuclear facilities are attacked, the U.S. will face a war that “would know no boundaries.”

The Iranian president, who is in New York for the annual meetings of the United Nations General Assembly, spoke at a breakfast meeting with reporters and editors at Manhattan’s Warwick Hotel. He said that Iran is on the brink of becoming a nuclear power, and warned Israel and the U.S. against attacking its nuclear facilities.

Asked about the possibility of a U.S.-supported Israeli air strike against Iran, the fiery Iranian leader said an attack would be considered an act of war, and suggested the U.S. is unprepared for the consequences.

Such a war "would know no boundaries," Ahmedinejad said,
War is not just bombs."

(economic warfare? cyber attacks? is this what he is eluding too? the real definition of modern warfare?)

Iran claims it has no plans to make a nuclear weapon, but the country is faced with United Nations sanctions, spearheaded by the U.S., meant to convince Iran to comply with international regulations and abandon its nuclear program.

It looks like the war on "terror" continues...

September 21, 2010

Relationship On The Rocks, Advice?

I've suspected for some time now that my girlfriend has been having an affair. The usual signs. Phone rings, I answer, someone hangs up. She started going out 'with the girls' a lot recently although when I ask which girls it is always "Just some friends from work, you don't know them". I always look out for her taxi coming home but she always walks down the drive although I can hear a car setting off. As if she has got out of the car round the corner. Why? Is it not a taxi? I once picked her mobile up just to see what time it was and she went berserk and screamed that I should never touch her phone again and why was I checking up on her.

Anyway, I have never approached the subject with her. I think deep down I just didn't want to know the truth but last night something odd happened. She had come over to play WoW and had forgotten to sign off of AIM after she left. It was whilst I was going through her buddy list that I noticed my mage had just been two-shotted by a rogue.

Should I stick with my mage or should I play a class with more survivability?