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November 20, 2010

freshly written reply too the "my name is john" threads, perfect to cut and paste

John, ordinarily I would have chosen to remain silent; but you seem to have a massive credibility problem here. You don't have the build of an athlete at all. You look just as out of shape as I was at your age. I'm having great difficulty believing that you were the captain of your high school's football team or that you were a starter on the basketball team. You look like you hardly engage in any physical activity at all. Your girlfriend looks far more athletic than you. By the way, over the last 40 years, I've known several guys who played football in high school, two of whom played college football and six of whom are members of my church. They have a lot of dignity; your posts have shown that you have none. You're not fit to kiss their feet.

I also seriously doubt that your girlfriend is real. Even if she were your girlfriend and I were still single and young, I wouldn't envy you at all. The sort of young women you seem to be attracted to are nothing but walking vaginas. That indicates that you have a paucity of values. Just empty inside. Probably the only sex life you've had is the cheapest money can buy. I've always thought that the wholesome look is far more appealing and sexy than the slutty look. If you think you'll find true happiness in the nightclub circuit, you'll eventually be disappointed. You have a godless life that will prove to be totally unfulfilling in the long run. I'd hate to be you on Judgment Day. I was willing to have a serious, respectful dialogue with you; but you're obviously as fake as they come and not worthy or deserving of any serious consideration. As an abusive poster, you're actually quite disappointing. You're about as formidable as your skinny build. You're not even funny. You're just a young punk with an angry look on his face that probably masks a deep hurt inside.

[yes, there will be trolling]

November 15, 2010

Missing Our Urban Pasts

I feel bad for the 10 year old's of the western world that will never know what its like to push a VHS tape into a VCR. The way that the machine slightly rejected the video cassette at first but then vacuumed it up.

Before there was skipping discs, it was the lucky few who had tracking mode on their machines to help get them through that part of the tape they had watched thousands of times.

This then got back too me thinking about my childhood. I thought about the social housing neighborhood where I grew up, my elementary school, teachers and old friends.

I sighed as I paid a friend to drive me back too that area to give it a little checking out.

This enormous field behind the surveys had been taken out completely. Looking at the new highway they built there, you would never tell it was a creek sprawling with life at one time.

Forever destroyed is a passage way that Native Americans probably used for century's.

The basketball court where my babysitter would take me and my friends to sit in a circle every morning too play games is long gone, all the areas where there was playground equipment are now gone, empty patches of grass.

In order to live in this community you need to have kids, so I was really thinking: where are all the kids playing?

Without the playground equipment, huge field, and creeks/ravines, there really is nowhere to play. I dont expect them to play in the Red Hill Expressway. The whole Mcqueenston community has really changed for the worst. It must be pathetic to be a kid living in there nowadays i thought.

Until I realized they were just like me. Inside on their computers and xbox's.

There is no difference between us in class either now that ive moved. It's just easier for them because their rent is throttled and adjusted to their means of work.

The whole area around Lang Street, Hamilton Ontario, looks nothing like it did back in 1998...and its not for the better either.

They are destroying everything one lot at a time. Even Roxborough Park Elementary can't get new grade 1's enrolled in the school because the whole Mcqueenston area is filled with people on welfare and disability with kids who are 19, 20 still going to highschool not yet evicted for the next generation of people to move in.

Its truly flawed.

For anybody who has ever lived in there, lets put it this way:

I was there when the boiler rooms on the side of the townhouses had steel storm doors before these concrete slabs.

November 7, 2010

American Supremacy

you are on an american website on an america made internet on an american computer system that runs an american OS which allows you to run american software so you can download and listen to american music while you watch an american movie in the background as you sit drinking your favorite american carbonated drink thinking of how much you hate americans.

face it, you and everyone else wants to be american.

internet = american (build by the US government in the '70's, thats why we have *.gov & *.mil and you dont. your *.gov.* != a real TLD. www != internet even tho the guy made this one of many protocols used on the internet IN america in '91 and lives and teaches in america)

your computer = american (amd, intel, ibm, hp, dell, cisco, xerox, apple/mac, 3com, 3m, etc. doesnt matter where it was assembled or if you made it yourself. we are getting YOUR check for the parts.)

your OS = american (red hat, gnu(unix/linux), microsoft, osx, etc. again getting your checks.)

software = american (firefox, winamp, anything from google, windows, adobe, wow, etc. again thank you for YOUR money)

music = american (do i really have to list this shit? just goto any music website, there is your list. and no you do not listen to just a handful of artists.)

movie = american (you post pictures on here from our movies & celebrities more than we do)

drink = american (you have to be an idiot to not figure this out, and you dont drink beer all day. derp)

go ahead, reach for the bottom of the bag like saying americans = europeans because then someone can say europeans = albino africans since mankind came from africa. it doesnt negate the fact you want to be american.