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June 22, 2011

The Idiots of Ontario

Going to Quebec to get your drivers license. The FRO collection agency. Putting leans on your homes, take me to Lindsey and feed me. I don't fuck with the Family Responsibility Office. Just for fun, lets raise the debt ceiling!

Tabling the annual reports, being part of the rehabilitation slowly pacifying the public in some sick social experiment where cash is king, and the losers rule. Its not until one is stabbed to death until things are brought to attention. Separate sections of the school for the freaks, when away are together with us in the malls and theaters. It's time for some serious risk assessment.

June 10, 2011

Loading the public up into rail cars.

By a process of self incrimination. The public confidence. The third round. Officers identified through badge numbers, but under a technicality, they need to know how they got to his badge number.
Cop: unmasked. Glenn, are WE clear? How will you play YOUR hand?

Tried in the media, for the better. The public perception of the blue wall of silence. This is far more serious.
This is an obstruction of justice. Facilitate the process. The next generation will not adhere to these legalities.

Identifying the subject officer? Fess up, the public's opinion of the police is already destroyed. You have been identified by badge number. SIU, the whole case hinges on that. "Why do we need that little detail? The Toronto Star has already outed you."

At some point, the leadership and command has dropped the ball. These guys are out of control, and an embarrassment. Because of these failures, everybody is implicated. This is an us versus them. Move this country in a new direction. The authorities setting the incorrect example for the public.

June 9, 2011

Societies Roles Are Reversed

They should be in the classroom teaching, but their union says they have a higher goal than that. You don't bring down the government with a coalition of losers. Men who have never seen a full tank unit in their lives showing up to the mayday parades decked out from head to toe in medals, displaying false valor while meanwhile he is only there because he is the third cousin of the district prefect.

Would you trust the food supply system? Will you commit to kill the land transfer tax? How dare you question the way they manage things? The mental attitude of the police. Their own regard for the public. The evolution of the Taser.

June 8, 2011

Making No Case

The US democracy is very much at risk. They have given into alott of financial interests. Where are the public beheadings in Times Square over the mortgage and derivatives scams? Why does nobody want to do anything about it? Why are these people just busy texting their junk around?

The war on drugs is being LOST. Squeegee kids are going wild in the streets beating people down for their change, government demonizing people until assassination teams are dispatched unto them. Continuous breaching of our trust. Criminalizing protest is step one. To what end will that be? Where do we look? The rule of law?

Strikers go and they stop people from going into the companies main building. Do we want to be that type of society to stop them? Does the rule of law balance this? The public being hustled off the streets to keep them clear. What is law for the common man when Lawyers have become elitists and don't even regard their nations own laws?  The bench is stacked. Its their court. Mandation of front line healthcare workers being immunized.