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September 8, 2011


Get Tom on the line and take me to Baldwin Street in Kensington Market. It's time to get dressed.

Strange who is not invited to the conference, isn't it? A cult mindset where people are too emotionally invested to let science even question their points of view. More embarrassing then the Yahoo CEO being fired via telephone.

Could you imagine the president of the United States breaking in during a football game? The opening night of the NFL? It just wouldn't fly. A divisive cut throat scheme where there is no job plan. Freedom 95, if you live that long. We are being couched in a room of envy where all we can do is watch the finest things in the world we will never experience because it is no doubtfully fake. A false TV world we want to live in that will never exist, even for the entertainers. There are a whole lot of ways to skin this cat, figuratively speaking.

Imagine a world where we could comfortably retire before 55, and there were no forces out there attempting to extinguish our life before we even see 60. One hundred grand is the new forty, it will not give us the same standard of living anymore. All because of ignorant people who misappropriate allocated funds. Will we fall on the social welfare roles? Its looking bleak.

September 5, 2011

Fiscal Conservatives

You fiscal conservatives say there is such equal opportunity. Ever seen the world through a lens that isn't rich or middle class? These people don't choose to be poor, they are born into poverty and the deck is forever stacked against them. Kids born into the middle and upper classes have kids that are then born into the middle and upper classes, perpetuating the cycle, keeping the deck stacked against the lower class. You say these people choose not to get jobs, but you need a degree these days to get a job that actually pays something good and that's something the lower class can't get. This is why welfare is a good idea since it levels the playing field and keeps the rich and middle class from fucking up the lower class. And even with welfare all these guys get is shit. And not to mention that welfare isn't THAT much of your taxes.